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Sharp Half-Pint Microwave Oven 600 Watt .5 cu. ft.

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So Cute


This microwave is great for a single person, or office setting. It's compact, easy to use and does a decent job of heating food, beverages - whatever you'd like to put in it. The one we have is blue and it's so adorable - how fun is it to reheat things in something that looks like a toy? (Customers always ask what on earth the blue thing is and they're always surprised that it's a microwave!) I have noticed some hot spots in food - but this is to be expected with a microwave of this size and power (in my opinion).

New Glarus, WI


Terrific Little Microwave


I bought my Sharp Half-Pint Microwave nearly 10 years ago, and it still works like a champ. I typically cook just for myself, and usually use the microwave just to heat up left-overs or nuke what's in the freezer. And even though it is only a half a cubic feet, it can cook with a full-size dinner plate. The carousel feature on this microwave helps to ensure even cooking. Additionally, the quick menu pre-sets on the microwave are convenient. I believe, however, that this microwave is best for those who are limited on kitchen or countertop space. Aesthetically, this is on of the best looking microwaves that I've come across. Nice balance between form and function. I am a very happy user--no complaints.



Sharp Half-Pint Microwave Oven 600 Watt .5 cu. ft.

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