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Sharp - Aquos LC-D82U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV

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This Aquos takes the prize


i bought this lcd tv a few weeks ago and it's a bomb i love playing fifa 10 for ps3 and the definition is awesome you see every drop of water when the rain is falling and every detail of movement the players make, also is great for watching tv and the fact tha it has 9 inputs yo dont have to worry about buying switches and stuff like that, it also has a usb port for you to update the firmware of the tv and you can keep your investment up to date, i absolutely recommend it for any gamer or movie lover.

Miami, FL


Perfect size, best picture for your money.


Awesome without HD cable/dish, Unbelievable with.  The remote is easy to navigate and all programming is so easy. I only give 4 stars because of the sound.  By itself it is not good.  You absolutely have to have it hooked up to some kind of speaker system or surround sound.   Be prepared for additional cost for the best sound to match the beautiful picture.

Orlando, FL


Great picture, slim profile


We have owned and used this television in our home for 3 years now and love it.  Having not shopped around since purchasing this television, I cannot compare to those newer and more advanced televisions on the market today, but can sing praise of this particular model.  We get HD stations through our cable provider and they as well as standard definition stations come in very sharp and clear.  We utilize this television to the max, for computer use as a monitor, for video game systems, DVD and Stereo, external hard drive storage and many other capacities.  There are few ports available on our television left for something to be plugged into.  For each item connected to the television, we have great success switching inputs with no trouble.  Video games show up great and look awesome on the big screen, watching movies is also so much more exciting on this television.  The profile is slim and attractive, fits into most any decor.  Sound is great as well!  A good buy!!!

Hopkins, MI


This HDTV is outstanding. The picture and sound - wow.


Hi, today I will be reviewing the Sharp Aquos 52 inch HDTV (LCD TV). When I first bought this TV, I expected a certain amount of quality from Sharp. When I got home to unbox the TV, I set it up and mounted it on the wall in an hour. Once I turned it on, I heard better sound and saw a better picture than any other (Vizio and Samsung) HDTV that I have purchased in the past 2 years. This TV is perfect for video games. You hear everything and see everything right down to the last pixel. I can't describe how satisfied I was when I bought this TV. Since the purchase, I did not need help of any kind from Sharp, and there has been nothing at all wrong with the TV (including any defects). I think this TV is great for just about anyone. By purchasing this TV, it has changed my opinon about TVs'... Sharp, in my opinion, is one of the best companies out there, aside from Sony, my second favorite. I reccomend any Sharp TV, for the exeptional quality.

New Rochelle, NY


great product for the money


Recently bought the Sharp lcd tv.  Spent many days looking for the perfect wide screen big tv to surprise my husband with. Wanted something at least 52" and not take up alot of room.  That brought me to the Sharp Hd Lcd TV.  It could hang on the wall or set on a stand.  The picture is sharp, clear, and great tone color. When watching HD movies they seem very real.  It also makes blue ray movies seem like you are almost there.  I especially liked the price. It was not so high that I had to sell blood to afford it.  My husband had been yearning for a plasma tv and after much research and talking with various salesman all recommended the LCD TV.  I am glad that I listened to them. The Sharp is supposed to outlast the plasma and I have not had to have any adjustments to my tv.  One of my biggest surprises is I do not have to clean the screen very often. Tvs in the past had to be dusted at least twice weekly but this one does not.  I am very happy with my Sharp aquos HD LCD 52" and would definitely recommend it to someone who wanted a big screen Tv that was affordable and with clear, sharp pictures.

San Antonio, TX


aquos line beats all the competitors


This is our second purchase of a sharp aquos lcd tv. This is the best picture by far compared to all the competition. Features are very easy to use. Sound is great. Gaming and movies are awesome on this set. Overall this sets the example of how every electronics purchase should be.

chillicothe, OH


Sharp - Aquos LC-D82U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV

4.8 6