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Sharp - Aquos 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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Best TV Ever!


I bought this TV as a replacement from my old tube TV. It was a decision between Sharp Aquos and Samsung. I was amazed how great of picture quality and sound. It was the perfect size. Looking forward to purchasing another but larger model. Picture Quality Great Picture Quality. Sound Quality Sound is great! Durability Very durable as with any other TV must be handled with care. It could have a wider stand so it doesn't lean towards the front. Design Great but could offer more features.






We have had this now for well over a year. The size is great! The picture and clarity is tremendious on it. We love all the features, and when my kids are playing the PS3 the gamming graphics are unbeatable on it. DVD's have never looked clearer as well. Picture Quality Like I said we have had it for well over a year, still good as new. No lines or fading color. Still true to it's original day we bought it. Sound Quality The sound quality is better than most out there. Even though we have it hooked up to the surround sound we don't use that unless we play a movie or the kids play the PS3. It has the option of surround on the TV itself also. Durability Much heavier than I thought it was going to be. Overall very well made. Very durable. Design For how heavy it is, it really is sleek and slim so goes very well in a lot of different places. Performance Still going strong...have no complaints.


San Antonio, TX


Great TV with good picture!


I received this TV as a hand me down so I can't comment too much on price. Overall though I am fairly pleased with it. The picture is really good and it works great with my PS3 and Xbox. I have basic Comcast cable and sadly it doesn't look 1080p just yet. There are plenty of input options for all your gadgets so you wont have to worry about that! Possible negatives are that it can be quite heavy compared to today's ultra thin LED flatscreens. Also it may be less energy efficient as well. I am fairly power conscience so I leave it unplugged when not in use. Also not I am not a fan of the new 120 hz refresh rate tv's! This is gladly not so, so it is view-able to my standards. Pro's: Good Picture, bright, vivid and in full 1080p. No 120 hz! Con's: Heavy and not as power efficient as new models. Picture Quality Great quality. Maybe not LED great but close enough. Sound Quality Sound is decent, but if you actually cared you would already got separate speakers. Also note that sound of this will probably be better than on thinner TV's due to space. Durability I have had no issues. After all it is a hand me down and still functions properly. Design Looks great. Nothing too snazzy but its just a TV. Performance Everything performs great. Only power consumption bothers me.


San Jose, CA


Sharp - Aquos LC42D64U 1080pLCD HDTV- We love it!


We were looking for a larger TV but we wanted a good deal. We got what we were looking for with this Sharp TV. We love it, we have had it for over 6 months and it is a great TV. When we were looking for a TV, we noticed from reading reviews that sound quality was a main problem people were having. This Sharp TV has very, very good sound. I am picky with sound and I like my stereos and TVs to have the best sound possible. The picture is great too. Its crisp, clear and I couldn't be happier with the picture quality. When you buy a TV you have to take it home and go through all the controls and tune it in for color and picture quality to your liking. This Sharp has recommended settings when you go in to tune the picture. This is a great TV for sound, picture quality and size. We absolutely love it and my husband can't stay away from it. Picture Quality As I mentioned above this Sharp LCD TV has a crisp, very clear picture. You will need to adjust the settings when you bring your TV home. I think you have to adjust most, if not all TV's when you first set them up. Set up is very easy too. Sound Quality I love the sound, its very clear and sounds great and the TV can go very loud. Durability We have had the TV for over 6 months and have never had a problem. I think this TV will last for years. Design I really like the Sharp TV design. It has a larger size around the picture which I like better than the ones that are really thin around the picture. It is a great looking TV. Performance This Sharp TV performs all around great in every single aspect. Picture and sound are great along with the size and it is a very easy TV to set up. We are very happy with this Sharp TV.


Maple Heights, OH


Husbands so happy with the Sharp 42" LCD


I bought this Sharp 42" LCD Television for my husband for christmas. We had an old tube tv and he begged for something bigger and nicer to watch football. This TV has it all. It is a perfect size, great picture with the 1080p, HDMI ports and great sound from the built in speakers. We got a great deal on the TV on Cyber monday. For the price it was an awesome deal and we love it. My biggest complaint we've had with this is only one set of normal video/audio ports. We kept having to switch between the DVD player and the Wii. Since we've decided to buy a new DVD player so that we could use hdmi ports for that and the regular ports for the Wii. The other weird part is the buttons on the side of the TV. I'd prefer them to be out of the reach of childrens little fingers ( possibly on the top of the TV) The colors on the TV seem to be better than some of the competitions TV's we've seen when looking in the stores.


Osseo, MN


The tv to have!


My husband ordered this tv and I have to admit that I thought is was too expensive.  When it was delivered to our house and he hooked it up I was amazed by the picture.  You should use the Hdmi cord to hook up a dvd player or x box 360.  The sound quality isn't fabulous but I also have it hooked up to surround sound and that eliminates that problem.  I haven't had any issues with this tv.  I hate going to the movie theaters now because my tv at home has such a great picture that the movie theaters just suck.  It doesn't weigh much and I love that.  I don't move it much but when I want to do some deep cleaning it is nice not to have to ask my husband for help.   The buttons on the side are a great advantage because I have a little girl and she can't see them to turn the tv on ans off like our old tv.  The remote is very easy to operate and people love to come over to watch tv.  We love playing video games on it too because the quality of the picture is awesome.


Superior, WI


great tv at a great price - exceeded expectations!


This Sharp 42" flat panel TV our family xmas present for 2008 Christmas.  Because this set was "more economically priced" than many of its competitors, I didn't really expect the quality that we received.  First of all, the set is bright and easily watched from any angle in our family room.... that is up to 120 degrees off direct center view.  The colors are great and the depth is outstanding.  What blew me away is that simple plug into cable brought out over 52 digital channels.  No set box is required.  Additionally, the set has a tuner so we no longer have to use the older and less capable VCR/DVD combo as a tuner and so we get outstanding picture quality and can use the HDMI connections to view either DVD or Blu Ray disks!   cool.  If you are not sure that the 1080 picture will be noticeable ... let me assure you it is.  WOW, HD channels are sharp and clear... you can even see makeup lines on the news crew.  I'm really spoiled now and can't move back.


Littleton, CO


Sharp - Aquos 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV

4.7 7