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Sharp - Aquos 1080P HD Television

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Great TV for games and DVDs


My husband and I bought this TV in April of 2007 for his birthday.  We spent a few months comparing prices and brands and picture qualities.   We finally chose the Sharp Aquos LC 32D62U HDTV.  We have a VCR, DVD player, XBox, Play station, and a computer hooked up to our HDTV.    Windscreen movies look awesome on the flat scream panel.  You have the option of mounting the unit on the wall, but we chose to leave it on a TV stand.   We are very satisfied with our HDTV.

West Des Moines, IA


Love the Sharp Aquos!


Sharp AQOUS LC-32D62U. I really like this one. The Sharp AQOUS LC-32D62U is an excellent TV, brilliant colors and great contrast ratio. It does have its short comings only one S input and two HDMI inputs and the remote has limited capabilities as far the input selection is concerned -was disappointed with the functionality of the remote. Overall it's a good TV, my objection is that the set-up is not the easiest one when it comes to setting up the subtitles, even though they are available on the menu it is just impossible to select them(as they are inactive) even though there are subtitles available for the selected show. I use this unit as my bedroom TV, I have my blu-ray player connected to this TV and use it constantly for watching blu-rays and streaming, the picture quality is excellent, and the sound is not too bad either. The response time of this TV is a couple of seconds too long for my liking, but for the price is great. I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone in the market for a new TV. I guess the bigger sets have better inputs and a better TV remote capability, but to me 32 inch is the perfect size and the picture clarity and resolution is outstanding.

Deridder, LA


Sharp delivers the best picture


I purchased my Sharp 2 years ago, and the picture is still amazing.  The definition, sound quality and color keep you glued to your television.  Everything you watch on television is just that much better.  You definitely want to have HD service with your cable or satellite provider to reap the full benefits of this product.  I can't wait until I can afford a 56 inch.

Laguna Niguel, CA


Big sound and crisp picture.


I bought  this LCD tv the day after Thanksgiving.  Basically paid 1/2 price for it, and after setting it up and viewing it, I would have paid full price.  I had a 27inch LCD from another brand, and the picture was good, and the high-def was nice, but this Sharp Aquos is superior in every way.  The 32 inch screen looks bigger than it is, because the body is all tv screen.  Turning the surround sound on was impressive because the speakers are deceivingly small.  If you choose to place this tv in a smaller room, perhaps a 12 by 12 foot den, you wont have any need for a home theater system.  The picture quality is excellent right out of the box.  I didn't have to change anything from the factory settings.  Upon tuning to a high-def channel, I realized what this tv was designed for; stunning, bright, defined picture.  My next purchase will be a high-def DVD player to complete this package.

Tivertonverton, RI


Sharp - Aquos 1080P HD Television

4.8 4