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Sharp AQUOS LC-42D62U 42 in. HDTV LCD TV

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great flatscreen


this is my second sharp flatscreen and i have another in the family room and the picture is so crispm and clear. Picture Quality crisp and clear Sound Quality great surround sound Durability durable even when kids toss balls at it! Design perfect size Performance never have had a problem with this after two years.

Tualatin, OR


This is a great addition to our home.


I love this tv. It swivels to make it easy for viewing wherever you are sitting. It shows a good clear picture. The big screen is awesome. i do not miss a thing on this screen. Picture Quality It quality is great. Sound Quality The sound is ok. Some channels are louder than others but i do not know if its the tv, satallite or station. Durability This tv is very durable. It is holding up well on the stand i have. It is made very well. The parts are all in tack and does not look cheap. Design The design is right on point with todays technology. I love the big screen and that it is thin. It does not take up as much space. It makes the sitting area look better. Performance Its a great tv with great performance. The channels change good without hesitation.

Hot Springs National Park, AR


Good features for a flat screen


Sharp makes great TVs and they are competitively priced. My wife won one of these flat screens at a company and we've been really impressed with the features. For one thing, it has the improved compatibility that allows you to plug in nearly all of your devices. This is increasingly important in today's world and some of the other manufacturers are being really slow to react and implement the technology. When buying a new flat screen, make sure that it is compatible with all your devices. Even plan ahead, so that it can work with devices that you don't have yet, but may get in the next few years. And when it comes to good technology, Sharp can't be beat. Design I love the sleekness of Sharp TVs.

Alpine, UT


Sharp AQUOS LC-42D62U 42 in. HDTV LCD TV

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