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R-820BW, R-820BK
Sharp 900 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven R-820BK/ 820BW/ 820JS

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Best microwave ever


I love this Sharp microwave. My microwave is a Sharp Grill 2 Perfection (820 JS). Its a microwave, grill, and convection oven. I purchased it to replace an old simple microwave. WHen I got it I chose it many on price and size. I figured we'd never use the grill or convection features. We decided to try all the features out the first week we brought this home. We quickly found out that this microwave does so much more than reheat yesterday's dinner. The favorite and most used feature is the convection oven. It actually makes a crisp frozen pizza - a big deal with two teenagers. Its also helpful if we need to bake anything in larger quantities. It really bakes well and is a nice second oven. The grill features works well too. Also, this microwave "tells" you how to cook various items. For example to defrost the digital screen will ask you verious questions to determine length of time needed. At different stages it will "tell" you stir or turnover. The only drawback is its a little fussy when it comes to popcorn. You need to babysit the bag carefully .

Des Plaines, IL


One button and you are half way home


Sharp Carousel Model No R-820BW review is very easy for me.  This microwave has the easy to understand and then use features.  It has the easy in and out grids to clean and replace back in to the model.  The easy buttons to use such as : popcorn, reheat, potato and defrost are very simple to use and understand.  The time set is not at all difficult and the minutes plus is at your finger tip.  The cook times and settings bring out the natural taste of the food and does not drying it out.  I like the way it sits on top of the oven below and the lights and fan cover all the surface area of the stove.  Large and small amounts of food are cooked evenly and again without drying it out.  That reheat button is a snap to use.  The temperature gague cooks the food to your liking as well.  Tea and coffee are very quick to reheat or bring to a boil.  The best is fried rice, never dried out or over cooked...  It is as if the brain is really something you can count on!!!

South Grafton, MA


Sharp 900 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Carousel Microwave Oven R-820BK/ 820BW/ 820JS

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