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Sharp 800 Watt 0.8 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven R-209BX/ 209KK

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Good, but didn't last.


While this microwave was great while it was working for a few years, after a while it started to get a bit unresponsive on the controls front. I'm not sure whether the front controls are capacitative or resistive buttons, but after a few years of use, the buttons would sometimes not respond at all and we'd have to unplug the microwave and then plug it in again to get it to register the button presses. For a while, the digits weren't working, so we could only press the start button and just cook our food while watching the time. Besides the buttons problem, the design of the microwave is nice. If you were to get a perfectly working unit, I think its one of the better designs out there. Not all microwaves let you just hit start to cook without entering a duration, but this one does.

Fort Lee, NJ


One great little microwave!


     This Sharp Carrosell Microwave Oven  is not a very large microwave. It doesn't take up a lot of counter  space.  It cooks quickly and evenly with the carrosell set up. With the food going around, it doesn't  sit in one spot and burn in one place and be cold on the other.  I have found this microwave to be the perfact size for my family.       My family and I use this Sharp Carrosell Microwave Oven  many times throughout the day. We heat up water for tea, warm up coffee that has sat too long.  We cook potatoes  rice popcorn, and  hot cocoa.. We microwave frozen things, and macaroni and cheese. We use the microwave to reheat things that are left over in the fridge too.      The Sharp Carrosell Microwaveis not  a very expensive microwave, We have definitely gotten our money's worth from it!  I am very pleased with it.         I would recommend the Sharp Carrossel Microwave Oven  to it to anyone!  

Crescent City, CA


Sharp 800 Watt 0.8 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven R-209BX/ 209KK

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