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Sharp 60" 1080p 120Hz AQUOS LED Smart HDTV - LC-60LE650U


60" Class Aquos LED Smart TV Goes to the Head of the Class

Sharp 60-inch Class Aquos 1080p 120hz Smart LED HDTV is built for multimedia viewing. In your living room, family room or home theater, this smart TV with dual-core processor and built-in Wi-Fi keeps everyone entertained with amazing high-definition images and 20-watt surround sound audio system. Enjoy your movies and streaming video in brilliant colors, dynamic contrast and maximum clarity with the 1080p LED display.

60" Class Aquos LED Smart TV focuses on the future by using 50% less energy than TVs manufactured by Sharp only a few years ago. Television usage in the home continues to grow as built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to access more online content along with apps for music and games. It is important to make sure your next TV is one that will deliver maximum viewing choices while keeping energy costs low.

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latest technology availiable


I love this T.V.! It has everything you could possibly want in a television. When I turn it on with easy to use remote I enter into a world of high quality entertainment not only do I have great quality in picture, but the sound is incredible. The picture is so clear everything looks so real!



Would be a great television if it didn't reboot constantly


When I saw the Sharp 60" 1080p 120Hz AQUOS LED Smart HDTV on sale I thought I was getting a steal, but I quickly found out why it was priced so cheaply. My initial reaction to this television was great. The picture quality was on par with my high-end Samsung Plasma. The refresh rate delivered smooth images, especially during sporting events. The color were bright and visually hypnotizing. The speakers on this television were actual very useful. They delivered great sub bass and most importantly speech could be heard very clearly from 15 feet away without maxing out on volume. The smart function of this television was a nice touch. I was able to stream movies and tv shows through this television fairly effectively with the built in Wi-FI, but I did experience a decrease in signal strength on a couple of occasions. When signal strength decreased the screen would go black, but the audio continued. My main reason for returning this television is that it would get in to a 5 minute cycle of rebooting for no apparent reason. It would turn off and on at least a dozen times before it finally settled down. When I returned the television I was informed by an employee that this was a common problem, but it could be fixed by Sharp. I definitely wouldn't recommend the Sharp LC-60LE650U because of its reliability issues and I fear that it would affect its long term durability.

Westchester, IL


Have to do some modifications to get this TV just right


First of all let me say that I've always been a big fan of Sharp TVs. I have read the reviews on this product and decided to purchase one for myself to use in our gaming room. When I first saw this TV I noticed that the sound was absolutely awful. My computer had better sound than this TV. Because I already had a surround sound system I was able to hook up the surround sound and the sound is great, however it just adds one more step in an extra expense that shouldn't be needed with a TV this expensive. Others have mentioned something called a soap opera affect however I don't watch soap operas so I would just caught a motion problem. If you play with the motion on the TV it's seem to fix the motion pretty well for us. I also really like that the screen is somewhat of a matte finish not a glossy finish. I've had to use AppleTV or other products such as that to be able to stream Netflix in the past, so it is great now that I'm able to do everything seamlessly through the TV because of it Smart TV capabilities.



Love our new TV


This TV has the best picture one could ask for. It is crisp and sometimes it almost seems as if the action is live-right in my family room. The color is lifelike and adjustable. It does require someone who actually knows what they are doing to set up the various functions. It is a smart t TV, but although my Fios is usually great, it seems that there is a bit of a lag if I try to download and watch some videos from the net. It dies make using Netflix and Zulu very easy. There is no keypad so using the Internet is best used with your own keyboard. Picture Quality Clear, crisp color. Almost lifelike in my family room. We have had great pictures on HD, 3D and standard broadcasts. Sound Quality Like all flat screens, if you want perfect sound, you need a sound bar or additional speakers. I find the sound performance to be excellent. It does project back, but it is clear and easy to regulate. We added our surround sound speakers when we want something more. The TV does have several choices of sound mixing. Durability We have had our a TV for two years. We have had no problems when I had a question, Sharp has a dedicated customer service department for Aquos TVs. Design Looks beautiful. We have it mounted on the wall. Performance Works well.

Morrisville, PA




My finance insisted on a 60" t v and we've had no problem with the Sharp. The picture is awesome. I especially like to watch my Blackhawks hockey games on it. Not to make a pun but the picture is sharp. The sound is good also. We bought a sound bar when we purchased the t v but haven't used it. I would buy a Sharp t v in the future.

Hickory Hills, IL


Sharp 60" 1080p 120Hz AQUOS LED Smart HDTV - LC-60LE650U

4.2 5