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Sharp - 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV

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My neighbor had this TV out with his trash. I saved it and fixed it. It iworks great for what it is.


Philadelphia pa


Plesently Surprised


I was very surprised at the performance of this TV considering the price. Works well for gaming and our basic need for a TV considering we don't watch a lot of TV. I was a little disappointed that after the first couple of months it developed a sort of issue in the display. Towards the middle of the screen you could see a sort of warp in picture. I have yet to contact Sharp about this issue but know that it should be handled through my warranty. Picture Quality Other than the what has recently developed with the warp in picture, it has been above satisfactory in providing a quality picture. Sound Quality Sound quality is what you would expect for a TV of this size. Nothing too overbearing and not bad either. Durability Seems like this TV was built very well. It has made it through a couple moves without any damage to the screen or the body of the TV. Design Not much to say here, just that it's your typical LCD TV. Performance The performance is good considering it is only a 32 inch TV. I would love to see what a larger Sharp TV has to offer though.






I have been using this TV for more than a year and it has been a good TV. I bought it on sale before Christmas so I got it for a reasonable price. The TV is easy to set up if you can read the instructions or you know what you are doing. Overall the picture quality is very nice for a TV in this price range. It is not the greatest picture but it is far from the worst that I have seen. I have used this TV for many hours and still have not had a problem with it. I found the connections on the back of the TV to be exactly what I  needed to connect all my devices to the TV. The built in speakers are one of the weak points of the TV. They are not very good. I have the TV hooked up to a sound system so it doesn't bother me. Another weak point is that the TV changes channels very slowly. There is a few second delay between when you press the button and when the new channel appears on the screen. This is longer than on other TV's that I have used. This is a good TV that is perfect for a bedroom or any other smaller room.


Newark, DE


Not the best but a great starter HDTV


I recently purchased the Sharp LCD 32-inch 720p (LC32SB24U) HDTV. My first flat screen TV ever, unfortunately I've not been that impressed. -The sound quality is terrible. I think this is a flaw with all Sharp HDTV's since a friend of mine has a bigger set and the sound isn't great either. I've been able to raise the volume up to 60 and still couldn't hear things loud enough. My next purchase will definitely be additional speakers. -The remote control is very basic. Even cheap looking for such an expensive TV. -The picture is fine. No complaints there. I really like the feature on the remote that allows you to easily switch from 16:3 (wide screen) to 4:3 (standard) -The size is perfect for my room. The TV doesn't appear to look small like a lot of sets I've seen that use so much border plastic that it makes the picture seem smaller than it is. For a starter TV (for the bedroom) I would say it's worth it but if you are looking for a TV set that you don't plan to upgrade to (or are looking for a main tv for movies, games etc) then I would keep looking.


Miami, FL


Very Good TV


  Bought this Sharp LCD 32" TV for Christmas 2010 and have loved it since it arrived. 720 hi def resolution is crystal clear and brillant color.Have had Sharp tv`s in the past and they all have been extremely reliable and repair free. I still have the old sets which are both14 yrs.old which just attests to the durability of the Sharp quality they build into each unit. And another factor is they are not going to break the bank either in purchase price. You want a moderate priced tv that has an excellant picture along with reliability, then the Sharp is your TV. bwf


Denver, CO




I have a Sharp 34' LCD T.V., had for the last three months i love it it was the best gift i have recieved. Great quality,sound is wonderful,the picture is great and i also love all the little extra's it has on it.


Detroit, MI


Sharp - 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV

4.3 6