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Sharp 11,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner: Library Quiet


When we converted our garage into a combination workshop/design studio a couple of years ago we probably didn't give enough consideration for the air-conditioning needs of the project.  Since the air handler for our central air system is located in the garage we had always assumed that tapping into the central system was going to be the answer. But as the project was nearing completion a couple of air-conditioning technicians cautioned us from taking this route.  They argued that too much air-conditioning power would be drawn away from the living areas of the house.  No, we wouldn't want that. **Dwindling Choices** Since our garage has no windows and its walls are concrete we quickly eliminated either a window or wall-thru unit. We started focusing on upright portable units. After a good deal of internet research and examining a number of units at local retailers we were inmpressed with the Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner. **Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner** This attractive streamlined unit produces 11,500 BTUs and is thermostatically controlled.  Unlike many portable units that condense removed humidity in a water tank that requires periodic emptying, the Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner is self evaporating requiring no emptying of tanks if the unit is properly vented.  In our installation venting is through a small grilled vent located at the bottom of the concrete wall.  This unit comes with a venting kit that will allow several venting alternatives. **Controls** Full thermostatic control, control of fan speeds and mega cool options are found on the Remote Control only.  Do not lose the remote!  Controls on the main unit are limited to on/off and retain the last settings input via the remote. The main unit contains a mounting cradle for the remote control. **Performance & Efficiency** One sacrifice of portable units is their efficiency.  At 8.5 EER, the Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner is a middling performer in this regard.  Fortunately, the 300 cubic feet of air it moves per minute gives it quick cooling power. **The Sound of Silence** One of the key features of the Sharp is the almost complete absence of operating noise.  No, it's not quite as quiet as our Bosch Dishwasher, but as air conditioners go it is "library quiet".   Of all the models we tested from various manufacturers it was by far the quietest.  For installations in living spaces where people will be sleeping it will fit the bill nicely. **My Viewpoint** Though we didn't have any practical alternatives to the type of air conditioner we're using, the Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner has proved to be a good, reliable choice for our garage conversion.  Over the last 2+ years it has given us trouble free performance.  We recommend it.    

Boca Raton, FL


Nice portable air conditioner


The Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner is the first portable air conditioner that I have ever owned. I had purchased this Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner as a replacement when my main air conditioner broke down. I was unable to repair that air conditioner for a while so this had to keep me cool in the meantime. I love this product. It is really efficient and can really get the room cool quite quickly. The major thing that I liked about this air conditioner is the fact that it is really quiet. I have owned air conditioners previously and they were really noisy. When I turn on the Sharp CVP12LX Portable Air Conditioner I can sleep peacefully through the night as it does no tsidturb me at all. Another main thing that I liked with this Sharp portable air conditioner is the fact that it was easy to set up and is very easy to use. I would highly recommend this aor conditioner to my friends and family members looking for a portable air conditioner.

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sharp 11,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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