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Sharp 1.1 cu. ft. Carousel Countertop Microwave in R309YV


The new Sharp Carousel 1.1 cu ft Countertop Microwave features 5 automatic cook settings that allow you to cook vegetables and potatoes quickly and easily The 1000-watt microwave has 11 power levels to help provide efficient results and comes with

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strong brand


strong brand to use never complain about it



great for quick food at work


We moved into a new office space at work that did not have a microwave in it. My boss told me to find a good but not overpriced microwave. I search online for about two hours and found the sharp 1.1 cubic foot carousel countertop microwave. This microwave warms up out lunch food in a snap. We had other countertop microwave that took forever to cook our food. This microwave has a lot of heat for such a small microwave. This microwave spins your food in a circle so you do not have cold spots, which out performs some other high priced microwaves. This microwave is 100 times faster in cook time that other fancy microwaves that can not live up to their promises This is your best microwave for you office hands down. Performance This microwaves out performs every other microwave because it spins you food in circle to prevent cold spots. Settings/Features This microwave has all the fancy settings that microwaves twice the price have. It has 30 sec cook with is a awesome feature. Ease of Cleaning This microwave is so easy to clean because the glass tray is removable so you can get rid of stubborn food stains. Ease of Use This microwave is so easy to use that no matter what you age ,you can use it. Durability This microwave is built with quality materials that are made to lasts for many years. Design This microwave has a awesome design because it will fit on any countertop , large or small.



Sharp countertop Microwave cooks in nothing flat.


This microwave is a perfect fit for my busy family. It heats food perfectly the first time, so there is no need to cook it twice. It even has reheat functions on it for left over pizza and stuff. And it has settings for meats, veggies, popcorn and such. it revolves around on a carousel so that all your food cooks evenly the first time through. Performance The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave runs quickly and quietly and cooks food all the way through the first time. It revolves around on a carousel so that it cooks evenly and prevents any hot spots or cold spots from happening in your food. And it's preheat settings help too for cooking meats or veggies, or reheating pizza. Settings/Features The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave has 5 different settings for cooking meats, veggies, or left over pizza. It also has reheat buttons and +30 sec button. And 11 different power settings so your food cooks right every time. Ease of Cleaning The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave is easy to clean. All you need to do is put a cup of water or a wet sponge in it. Cook for a minute, and then use the sponge to clean the stuff off the walls and door. The Carousel comes out so you can wash the plate separately to insure it is clean. Ease of Use The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave is pretty much dummy proof. It has preset buttons for any food setting you could possibly need, and even has the auto settings menu right on the front, beside the auto cook button. And with it's +30 sec button, you never need to worry about overcooking your food. Durability The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave is very tough and durable. It has lasted us this long, and will last us many more years to come. Design The Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwave is sleek and shiny. It has a 4 LED display on the front, and comes with timer and clock, for convenience. And the Auto set menu on the front makes it even easier to use and to see what setting you want to use for which foods.



Sharp 1.1 cu. ft. Carousel Countertop Microwave in R309YV

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