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Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Keyboard

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Good Bargain Gaming Keyboard


This is a great, solid keyboard for the price. The keys are similar to a mechanical keyboard in the way they respond, and it has a decent hotkey profiler program. My only quirks with it are that the program is a bit clunky, and that it doesn't allow the user to reprogram the extra media buttons such as play-pause. It also comes with rubber grip replacements for particular keys such as WASD or the arrows. A tool is required to replace a key, so don't lose the one it comes with! Performance Performs well as a keyboard, and well as a gaming keyboard. Extra rubbery-grip keys are a bonus. too bad it didn't come with an alternate rubber grip key for every single key... Durability What can I say, it sits on a desk, not really doing much... Regardless, it survives spilled soda pop very well, as well as my rapid tap-tapping all day. no color fading, texture wear, or anything else wrong at all. Design The backspace key is a hassle, as it's shrunken to the size of any other regular key, and Enter is twice as large as usual for some reason. Additionally, the extended media keys are not programmable with the key proflier program. Comfort The oddly shapen Backspace and Enter keys reduce my ease of use. Otherwise, everything's great! It's very easy to type on this keyboard, and the media keys are straightforward and useful.



Sharkoon Skiller Gaming Keyboard

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