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Shark VX1 Cordless Carpet Sweeper V1917

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great for quick clean ups


 I often use the shark stick vacuum in place of sweeping.  The one draw back of this shark is it is hard to get in tight spaces like under the edges of cabinets. It also doesn't do very well getting up close to walls. It does good in getting under tables and such since the handle folds down flat.  I use it alot on the carpeted areas of my house.  When we first moved in our new house our new carpet was shedding like new carpet does.  I tried to use my regular vacuum to pick up all the fuzz coming off the new carpet but the fuzz just clogged up the vacuum cleaner hose and created a bigger mess.  THe shark stick vacuum worked great.  Because it doesn't have any hoses to clog up I could vacuum until the storage container was full and then empty it no clogging up.  I find that when I vacuum carpeted areas  of my home the charge on the vacuum cleaner doesn't last as long as it does otherwise.   THe shark stick vacuum is a great option for quick clean ups.

China Grove, NC


Shark VX1 Cordless Carpet Sweeper V1917

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