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Shark No Loss Suction Infinity Canister Vacuum

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Infinity vacuum is a decent value


I purchased this vacuum when moving into a new apartment with carpeted floors. I have 2 dogs and a 2 year old with a terminal respiratory condition so I was hoping for a good vacuum to keep our new carpets free of allergens when we would vacuum. We couldnt afford a Dyson Ball, which was my ideal first choice. Almost 2 years later, the Infinity still has pretty good suction. It does need cleaning every 2 months or so to keep it free flowing, but i learned that after thinking I was going to need a new vacuum when mine stopped sucking up stuff from the floor.   I also learned that happens when there is a broken belt! LOL The belts are difficult to find, but its possible. The only downfall that I have after 2 years is one of the parts came off, and I have no clue where it went, so the wand part that goes into the body of the vacuum to "steer" it, so it is loose, thus creating a difficult steer of the vacuum.   I would recommend this to a friend, as it has treated my family pretty well and doesn't require excessive use in order to pick up a few things off the floor left behind from a toddler and 2 dogs.

West Palm Beach, FL


Great for pet people!


I got this vacuum cleaner as a gift - and a great gift it has been!  It has multiple settings for hard floor to various types of carpet and comes with a few attachments - the best of which is the pet hair vacuum attachment for furniture.  After I'm done vacuuming, I'm always amazed to see how much pet hair it has cleaned up!  It really does a great cleaning job, and I certainly recommend it for anyone who has pets.   There are a couple things though that I don't really like.  First, the detached vacuum hose, to use for furniture, stairs, etc, it too short.  Way too short.  I have trouble handling the vacuum unit and trying to use the detached hose when cleaning stairs, furniture, corners, etc.  It gets really annoying really quick.    The second problem I have is with the bagless nature of the vacuum.  I have a love-hate relationship with this attribute.  I like being able to see just what junk the vacuum has sucked up, and it does a good job of sucking up fine dirt and dust.  A real good job.  So, dumping the cylinder that holds the dirt is a dusty business.  I have to do it outside.   

Bellefonte, PA


The Shark Infinity Vacuum is a complete piece of CRAP!!!!


I've had the Shark Infinity Vacuum with the Pet Care option for under a year. The system is overcomplicated, lacks the ability to actually "Vacuum" and I have to go over the same area multiple times for it to pick up what it is spitting out as I vacuum--it puts things in it's mouth and rejects them, leaving dust streaks on either side of the head when used. I have followed the system maintenance instructions to the letter with deplorable results. Just once I would have liked to have vacuumed with a modicum of screaming, but this thing SUCKED (and not in a good way) right out of the box. And to top it all off, it simply died--laid down and gave up--on it's 9 month anniversary. WHAT A RELIEF!!!!! I'm taking a hammer to it and buying something from a reputable company. Don't believe the paid-for magazine articles--they're all lies! 

Albuquerque, NM


Shark Infinity does not pick up


I am so unhappy with my Shark Vacuum.  The only good thing I can say about it is I didn't pay for it.  My mother gave it to me as a gift.  I hate that she spent her good money on it though.  First, in order to get it to pick anything up I have to go over the same area about ten times.  The finally when it does pick up I have to be carefull when I turn it off because the stuff is has picked up will come right back out.  Almost like it didn't go all the way up.  I don't know what the problem is with it.  I have often wondered if maybe mine has a defect but have never taken the time to contact the company because it was a gift.  I was happy to receive this because I have a two story house and it was going to be perfect to have one vacuum upstairs and another vacuum downstairs.  The worst thing in the world is to have to carry a vacuum up and down stairs. Now, I have to look for another one to purchase because this one is terrible.

Molino, FL


The Shark Infinity Vacuum is great with pet hair


At present our household has five dogs and three cats.  Four of the dogs are huskies and it's time for the spring "blowing of the coat" but the Infinity cyclone 24 can handle it.  It has already been through three blowing of the coat seasons.  It keeps us safe from the storm. This upright  vacuum has a hepa filter and a bagless system.  The cannister can hold a lot of dog hair and is easy and quick to empty.  Filters are cleanable.    It has great suction power and can change from carpets to bare floors with the touch of a button. The hose is out of the way when using as an upright but easily accesible when wanted. The cord and the attachments store compactly with the unit. My only niggles with the vacuum in our home is it's size and not  having a good place to store the whole thing. I also find it a little heavy, but my son is the one who uses it the most often.  After all, they are his huskies.        

Jonesboro, AR


I love a vacuum that has washable, reusable filters!


The Shark Infinity is one of the better vacuums I have ever owned. This is a bagless vacuum, and get this, the filters are washable and reusable! I usually take the dirt container off the vacuum and hose it all out in my back yard with the garden hose, along with the washable filters. I let it dry completely before I put it back together and use it. It has very good suction with a wide cleaning path. The hose is quite long, although from my frequent use, it doesn't stay in the clip on the back of the vacuum very well. I have owned my vacuum for almost three years and it has held up longer than any other vacuums I have owned. Besides hosing the canister and filters off, I occasionally have to cut away hair that wraps around the roller brush. This is a normal occurance with any vacuum I have owned because I have long hair and as it falls on the floor, it gets wrapped around the brush when I vacuum. Great vacuum in my opinion, and I would definately look into getting another one if this one fails in the future.

Atlantic Beach, FL


the shark really "sucks!"


I was really very skeptical when I was first introduced to this product, but after i tried it I found out that it works rather well! It was given to me by my boyfriend's friend and I wasn't too thrilled, but my boyfriend said "come on what could it hurt" so i tried and loved it! The suction is really good and it keeps on sucking with every use! Well I'm glad tha I was talked into trying out this vaccume cleaner. I would definately recommend this product to anyone. So if you get the chance to try or even buy this product I would definately do so. It is great for small and large jobs around the house and you can also do your car and or boat with the easy to use attachments that come with it,It has a long cord so it is easy to take outside and do your vehicles, but whatever you do do not take outside in the rainy weather!  So if you can go and get one and try it out for your self.

Oakland, CA


Shark No Loss Suction Infinity Canister Vacuum

3.3 7