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Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum

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Love this vacuum but


I bought this vacuum and I loved it my carpets looked brand new and it was instantly full picking up everything my old vacuum missed! I loved how easy it was to clean and all the attachments that came with it! The only problem I had was everything on it kept breaking but shark was very helping and sent out replacement parts which was awesome! All in all it was a great vacuum and I actually bought another!


Orleans, MI


Love! Especially with messy kids


Easy to quickly pull out for messes with children!


Bay St Louis, MS


Definitely the Best Vacuum


I use my Shark everyday twice a day. I have 5 kids ages range from 10-3, a dog and my kids and dog are constantly in and out of the house tracking in dirt, grass you name it. But this vacuum picks up everything, my 10 and 9 year old can use it with no problem, easy to use, and lightweight.


North Carolina


Not As Good As I Hoped


This vacuum has great suction and it detaches easily, is light and is easy to use. It is very versatile and can be used on many surfaces and in many spaces. My complaint is that it gets blocked easily and then we have to take it apart and unplug whatever got stuck. It can get irritating. Other than that, the vacuum is great.


Lansing, MI


Best vacuum ever!


I've had this vacuum for about a year and half and it has never let me down. The attachments make cleaning under furniture easy and the way it swivels is amazing. I'll never go back to another brand again.


Waynesboro, PA


Best vacuum


It pick up dirt dust hair messy floors from kids


Dallas tx


Best vacuum I have owned


I bought this vacuume cleaner about 5 years ago to replace an old one that finally died. I absolutely love my shark, to be honestly never though I'd have it thins long. It is very easy to clean, most of the parts come apart and are able to be washed in a sink, you just have to be careful with the two filters and pay attention to how they are looking after each wash. I usually replace mine every year just to be on the safe side. The HEPA filter I can get away with replacing about every year and a half. The only other odd part that I had to replace was a hose piece that connects the dirt container to the head of the vacuume, it cracked after 3 years of use. I buy most of my parts directly off the shark website. I do have to clean out the brush roller quite often. It seems to gather every little piece of hair or fur all and instead of sucking it up, it attaches to the roller. On the plus side, even when the brush is full, the suction isn't affected. I have never had an issue with reduced suction unless the canister is full, since it's simple to empty it's not a big hassle to stop for a few seconds to pop the container off. After several years of use, one of the clips that hold the container on the body, no longer clicks into place, so I have to put a limitless piece of tape on it, not really a big deal to me, again the vacuume is 5 years old. Overall, I have no really complaints, it does advertise it can be used on hardwood flood and tile, I've never really tried it, it has an option to turn the roller brush off when using it on hardwood, so that it doesn't fling dirt everywhere. I would recommend this vacuume to anyone who is looking, it's a decent little vacuume that has lasted quite a long while, and at the fraction of a cost for a dyson, which has a pretty nice price tag.


Dayton, Ohio


Simple Vaccum at a Decent Price


With the holiday's right around the corner, and a need to clean my carpets for guests, I found my loyal vacuum decided to burn out after a year or two of dedicated and frequent use. So I braved the holiday crowds to get a new one and found the Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum. I own another Shark cleaner and have had no problems out of it, so I figured it was a good brand. The normal retail price is 89.99 but I managed to get it for half that due to gift card someone gave me to the retailer where I purchased it. I hadn't expected it to have a pet power brush when I was looking at the box but it was an instant buy when I saw it did. I have 6 dogs that are in the certain parts of the house and a pet brush is a necessity even though they don't shed very much. The pet brush does a brilliant job of getting hair off the most stubborn places. There's a long handle so I can clean the corners of the room and get into the hard to reach places. The only thing I don't clean with this is my linoleum, laminate, and hardwood floors. Maneuverability This is probably one of the easiest to maneuver vacuums I've ever seen. Suction Performance There's nothing special about the suction power. It does it's job and that's what I wanted. Versatility With the pet brushes and the long hose, I've used this for multiple jobs. Design I have no complaints about the design. Everything is nice. Durability I'm using this vacuum frequently and have had no problems with it.




Pretty Good Vacuum


This Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum is a good vacuum given the fact that it picks up everything comes in its way. The suction is fantastic. It is very good for different flooring I have at my home like tiles and carpet. We can very easily shift the cleaning mode through button. The only downside I feel is is size. Since its is pretty big, it keeps falling and becomes difficult to manage at times. Maneuverability Due to its size maneuvering the vacuum is a little tough however, since it is quite light in weight it is easily be moved Ease of Maintenance Easy to maintain. Only the dust container fills up pretty fast which needs to be emptied often Suction Performance Wonderful suction performance Design Looks and feel of it is very good. It looks very elegant. Durability I am using this since last three months now and have no problems so far. I can definitely say that this vacuum is pretty durable and would last for long if taken care properly




Compact light weight strong vacuum


Being a light weight and compact I was concerned with how well it would clean. I have to say very impressed. It has not loss the suction or power behind this little vacuum. I love how easy it is to use and how great it cleans. I love that my young children who like to help mom clean can now help me with the vacuuming. Great feature is easy to dump the dust and dirt from the canister and clean the filter. You don't have 3-5 things to do before you can start cleaning again. Open dump lock it back up and ready to go you are. for me another plus was it was purple Maneuverability With it being light weight its easy to maneuver around furniture and corners. Ease of Maintenance To clean the canister you just need to unlock it from the base press a button and let it all fall out. One of the easiest to clean vacuums I've had. Then every three months or more depending on the age of your house and the dust level in your house clean the washable filters. I just hose mine off and let dry in the sun. Suction Performance Very powerful. You can see it lift up the carpet strands as you vacuum. When I cut my husband and sons hair I use the hose attachments and vacuum up the hair and you can just leave the attachment on the floor and see it sucking it all up. Even some that is not right in front of it. Design compact and light weight makes the design so mom and child friendly. Durability Can with stand the use of two children under the age of 9 using often to clean up messes they make


Midlothian, IL


Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum

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