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Shark Handheld Vacuum

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Finally, a small vac that's a big winner


I can't recall how many small cordles vacs we've tried, only that they all proved a waste of money. Having given up on finding anything worthwhile, besides the pricey Dyson, I'd gone without one for a coupol of years. Then I read review of this Shark, tried it, and wish I'd bought it sooner, light, easy, quiet, powerful enough for the average mess, and it doesn' peter out in the middle of cleaning the car.


Rocky Mount, NC


great for small messes


I purchased the euro-pro shark hand vacuum to replace a different branded hand vacuum that wasn't holding a chrage anymore and I must say that I absolutely love this vacuum. It is superior in picking up messes that my other vacuum did not pick up. It holds its charge and is very easy to use. It is lightweight and easy to move around. It comes with a base to attach to the wall to store and recharge. The dirt cup is easy to empty and clean as needed. The euro pro shark hand vacuum also comes with attachments whigh are reall nice to get into tight spots, etc. It is just the right size to maneuver easily and doesn't cause me any problems. I am sure I will have this vacuum for many years to come and am very satisfied with how well it works. It was a really great price too since I got it on sale. I would definitely recommend the euro pro shark hand vacuum to anyone that can't stnad messes and wants to clean them up quickly.


Roseville, CA


Picks up everything from cat litter to broken glass


The Shark hand vac is a very nice little cleaning tool .I have had no problems with mine . It keeps a charge very well better that others I have tried . it picks up cat litter real well, I have found most had vacs have a problem picking up cat litter epically the very fine clumping kind . How I use this product is, first I sweep the floor using a swiffer or traditional broom, I get the dirt in a bunch and than vacuum the pile up with the shark . I also use it for broken glass it works very well for this and it comes with a little attachable nozzle thats smaller to get in tight places . it holds a good amount or dirt before you have to empty it and it charges quickly . This is also a good value at about 15.99 which is what I paid a big lots . Its not bad to look at but is less stylish than the Cone- I just don't need my vacuum to make a fashion statement !  It works so its all Good !


Palm Coast, FL


Shark Handheld Vacuum

5.0 3