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Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner SC618

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Excellent product.Various uses.Great price.


I have used this product for alot of things from cleaning to removing wallpaper. This is a great product. You probably wouldn't believe that such a small item packs such a big punch. It really does make your task a lot easier. You don't have to worry about cleaning solutions. This little machine only requires water and to plug into the wall.

Cincinnati, OH


Piece of junk


This cleaner worked great for about three weeks, then it wouldn't come on when I plugged it in. I'm returning it today, but I hate that it quit working, because I loved it while it did. I'm saving my pennies for a better brand name steam cleaner now.

Monroe, LA


Didn't clean well...


I bought one of these because the Idea of not using chemicals around my pets and family was very appealing. Unfortunately, the machine didn't work like it was supposed to. I just sprayed water and didn't clean anything. The brush head ended up melting. I had to return it...

Cedar Park, TX


It does what it says it does - how cool is that?!


We just got this the other day, and I had been dying to try it.  We have dirt on the white walls from our dogs, and a regular sponge just does not get into the texture.  We have grease build up on the the stove (who doesn't?) thats caked on.  We have sofas that kinda smell like stinky dogs.  This product was AWESOME in taking care of all these things.  We steamed all our sofas, no problem.  I was able to CLEAN those walls, perfectly!  And spent a lot less time and effort doing it!  I was disgusted how much grease we had on our stove, but it loosened that up too.  I'm so excited we got it and that it works great! We even took a black light out and went into the bathroom (scary!) and used the steam shark, and it was proof right before our eyes of sanitation as the marks went away.  Only problem is that the hard to reach spots are still hard to reach, since you are going anywhere your hand can go.

Littleton, CO


Mixed feelings about Shark Steam Cleaner


I have had the Shark Steamer Cleaner for one month. I have used it a number of times in different areas. I like the way it cleans the woodwork. It makes easy cleaning of that. I don't think it cleaner the grout in the kitchen as well as I expected. I thought it left the mirror wet which I had to wipe. I do like the job it does in the shower. I think this item will help me with my spring cleaning. Especially with the windows and the woodwork. Its average but not near as good as it looks on TV.

Athens, GA


No chemicals, quick heating but flimsy


I bought this steam mop for full retail, something I do not often do by the way. I had heard a lot of wonderful things in regards to this mop. I like the fact it sterilizes and it is a snap to put together and get cleaning. I like the fact that I do not need to have more chemicals and justified the price by the savings in cleaning supplies and less to store and so forth. I used it on wood floors and tile. I think it functioned best for me on the tile but the relatively large head and small tiled floor in my bathroom made it a bit clumsy and I needed to go back and hand wash behind the toilet and against the walls. It also works best if you have swept of vacuumed any debris away first. I wish it came with more pads as well. I like that they can be thrown in the wash though. It does seem like if you push it too hard the handle will snap. I don't think I would buy this again at full price and I regret the purchase but will give it a bit more time.

Portland, OR


Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner SC618

3.0 6