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Shark 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

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You Get What You Pay For!


Got this stick vaccuum to help keep our kitchen floor tidy with three toddlers in the house. Lots of little small food spills and crumbs on our tile floor. This stick vaccuum does the job pretty well for these small clean ups. It is light, easy to manuever, and has reasonable suction to pickup this type of a mess. We also use it for "in between" cleanings on our hardwood floors (good for dust bunnies, etc.) However, I would not recommend this for any rugs--it's a waste of time. Doesn't have the power. After about 18 months, we did have to replace this vaccuum because it basically could not hold a charge for more than a few minutes and it had really no suction whatsoever. It was a good run, but next time we would probably spend a little more money for a sturdier and more reliable vaccuum that we would not need to replace so soon.

Lindenhurst, NY


I find the Shark Bagless stick Vacuum to be fne for the money.


I was given the Shark bagless convertible Stick vacuum as a gift and I was not sure at the time that it was something I would use, after all I had a perfectly fine broom. But once I pluged it in and used it a few times I was glad to see how much cleaner my kitchen floor stayed, this litle vacuum seems to pick up most anything that is required and is light weight and easy to operate. everyone complains that they are constantly sweeping the kitchen floor and how can it always be so dirty, Once you vacuum with the Shark a few times you realize that your floor seems to stay cleaner because this little vacuum really picks up all the crumbs and lint and tiny things that sometime the broom just pushes around. The Shark Bagless Convertible vacuum is also a hand held vacuum you can use for quick spills like when my daughter spilled sugar. I like that it is bagless and that is a big bonus to my budget. 

Chesapeake, VA


A Waste of money as far as vacuums are concerned.


A small bagless vacuum is an enticing thing, conjuring visions of reliability, portability, and a clean house. However, the Shark vacuum is a weak thing indeed, wearing out quickly and wasting your hard-earned cash. The vacuum we bought seemed to work okay at first, but after less than two weeks of moderate use, it simply stopped working. We've owned many vacuums, both bagless and bagged, portable and large, and this one takes the cake as the worst we've ever owned. It didn't pick up dirt or large particles after a few uses, and we simply threw it away once it broke irreperably. Don't waste your money; go for something that is reliable, even if you have to spend a little more money. There are few things that are worse than buying a vacuum, expecting it to become a part of your happy family of home appliances, and then watching it break in front of your eyes. The suction is bad, the design is flawed, and it's better to not even go there.

Nederland, CO


Shark EP661 Bagless Convertible Stick Vacuum


The Shark EP661 Bagless Convertable Stick Vacuum is a 12volt, 60 hertz 2 amp vacuum that is sleek enough and handy enough to keep in an upstairs closest for quick pickups. We purchased this to keep as a handy stick vacuum and to help our young child learn responsiblity in keeping her room clean without the riggers of a big vacuum. The real selling point was purchasing this around the holidays at a really great price.  It is not as powerful as your standard vacuum but perfect enough for quick pickups. The red color makes it blend in with our childs study room furniture and she makes it part of her weekly cleaning. This is our third Shark product and they are innovators in function, style, ease of use and great pricing. Simple little stick vacuums really gets young ones interested in helping out and provide a great start to chores.  From cleaning of the floors to empting out the dust cup and replacing it the Shark delivers for the whole family.  

Little Elm, TX


Shark 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

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