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Shaklee Scour Off

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Amazing at removing soap scum


Shaklee Scour Off is one of the best products you can have in your bathroom. I have really hard water and soap scum accumulates rapidly on the floor and walls of my shower and bathtub. It is very difficult to find a product that will remove this soap scum gently and efficiently. I have tried a few different powdered cleaners, but those seem to scratch the fiberglass lining of the bathtub and shower. My friend suggested that I try Shaklee Scour Off, and I am thrilled with the results. A little bit of this product goes a very long way. It is thick so it doesn't all wash away when it is mixed with a little bit of water. It is effective. It removes soap scum and grime and does not mark up the fiberglass walls. It smells great. I feel comfortable using this product because of the all natural ingredients. Overall, it is a great value for your money and a wonderful way to naturally clean your tub and shower!




Shaklee Scour Off is the one thing they have going for them!


Even though I was sorely unimpressed with most of the cleaners in the Shaklee line, I will admit that Scour Off is a truly GREAT product! I hate cleaning my oven and range, mostly because of the very chemical-y and toxically fumed cleaners that are on the market. So, for the past two years since we've purchased this house, I just haven't cleaned the oven. When I recieved the Scour Off Paste, I set to work right away cleaning the oven and I was so pleased with a) how YUMMY this product smelled. It smelled like cherries! and b) how EASILY this product cleaned my oven! The burnt on grime just wiped off with no problems whatsoever! I love that there are no fumes in this product, so I can clean the oven when the kids are up and about, I love that this is an all natural/nontoxic product. The ONLY con about this product is that I used it to clean the burner plates on my counter and a white residue was left long after I had finished cleaning and had cleaned up the counter. It eventually did go away, but if a white, foggy residue that kept coming back after being wiped up was left from this cleaner, I'm left to wonder how TRULY natural of a product it is?


Colesburg, IA


Scour Off can literally clean anything!


I hate using oven cleaners. I hate the fumes they create. I hate knowing what said fumes are doing to my and my family's health and future health. But, I also hate having a dirty oven. When I started using the Shaklee line of products, I was happy to hear that the scour off paste works really great at cleaning just about any mess - oven's included. I sprayed a little bit of degreaser and then scrubbed on the scour off paste and my oven looks better than it did when I purchased it brand new! I'm not even kidding - this product really works!! The best part? It doesn't have the harsh, chemical smell that makes me crazy - it smells really yummy, like cherry bubblegum! This product works on more than just ovens. I use it to clean my tub, sink and other areas that get really messy and need that little extra "oomph" of cleaning power. This product also removes rust stains just fabulously! Our basement toilet had a rust ring since it doesn't get used very frequently, and this product along with a little elbow grease took it off in no time! This product is nontoxic, which means no harsh fumes and no chemicals! It is completely organic and VERY affordable!


Manchester, IA


Scour Off is awesome!


Another product from Shaklee that I love is the Get Clean Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste.  I have been using the same container for about 2 years now as a little goes a very long way.  I use it to clean my white porcelin kitchen sink which is constantly getting stains and marks from pans, etc.  I bought the Scour Off Paste because I did not like using other cleaners such as Ajax or Comet which come in a powder form and I felt I was breathing in some of the powder.  To use the paste I first wet down the sink then take a damp sponge and apply a small amount of the paste to the sponge.  Gently scrub the sink with the paste and sponge and watch the stains disappear.  I love that the product is non-toxic and has no harsh chemicals such as bleach.  It has never irritated my skin and I do not have to wear gloves when using it.  It also works well for cleaning stains on tile and bathtubs.  My tip is to use plenty of water with the product as I was not using enough at first but when I did found that I loved the paste. 


Thousand Oaks, CA


Shaklee Scour Off

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