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Shaklee Nutriferon Dietary Supplement

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Shaklee Nutriferon is worth it's weight in gold!


I have been taking several Shaklee supplements, B complex, nutriferon, Vita-lee, C, E, garlic and occasionally DR (defend and resist). I never get sick and I would rather spend my money on vitamin supplements and feel good and never get sick than spending it on doctors and drugs and be sick and feel terrible. Talk to a distributor, try a few to start and see what works for your body. You won't be sorry. These supplements are an investment in your good health. I had a friend who had terrible pain in her joints. Her doctor was recommending surgery. I bought her joint supplement and she felt 100% better and never had the surgery. She runs and is very active now with no joint pain.

Syracuse, NY


build your immune system up you'll never be sorry you did


I use to be sick all the time till i meet my lead Wayne he told me about nutriferon. He told me to try it so i did an hadn"t been sick since my epilepsey leaves me sick alot but since i started this i went thru the winter with no colds. I joined Shaklee an become a distibutor because it works an my graddaughter has the same problem we share aall the bad thing allergies but we learned shaklee can remedy thisanyway i ran out early cause i gave some to my daughter an not thinking i hadn't reordered an it took awhile for it  to come in an guess what yeah I got a cold an my husband said never again we put it on automatic re order so i will never get sick a dr bill is 97. the shaklee pills are cheaper an keeps me from the doctor so it helps me an makes my husbands wallet happy too i recommend it to anybody not just for immune systems just for a heathy happy life an to growing older an healthier together you can order them off me if you wish.

Bowling Green, KY


Shaklee Nutriferon Dietary Supplement

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