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Shaklee Enfuselle Eye Treatment

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My Mom Loves this stuff-Shaklee Anti-aging products


For Christmas I plan on making up a basket filled with different facial products that my Mom loves. You should see her when I send her Anti-aging products such as this. You would think she is a ***BIG KID!!!***  Well actually she is. And this year is her, now shhhh her ***"BIG 70"***But don't tell her I told you. The only thing is she had some dental work done, so her mouth is a little swollen. With all the cut-backs, she had to hurry and use up her Dental Insurance before it was gone from one of the BIG  3's. Boy she would yell at me if she knew I was writing about this. Good thing she doesn't have a computer, otherwise she would know what she is getting for Christmas, and spilled her age. You would think she's never seen the products before. She still gets excited. And thanks me, she always asks if I have anymore. Well for all that she did for us kids growing up, both her and my father raising 5 kids, and my dad always being laid off from one of the "BIG 3's" they sure did give up plenty and tried to provide for all of us. Not thinking of themselves. So this will be one of the many Anti-aging products from Shaklee that I will be filling her basket with. I think making up a basket with something someone loves is personalized, and shows you care. Thought went into it just for them. If my Dad was still around his would be tools......RRRRRRR.....He was a grease monkey. He passed at a young tender age of 54, and my Mom was only 48. I can't even imagine, that's only 2 years older than I am right now. My young looking, soon to be 70 Mom...I use to go oh my gosh, when people would say I look just like her, when I was a kid.  Now I hope to look like her at that young age of 70!

Somewhere in Time, MI


Shaklee Enfuselle Eye Treatment

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