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Shaklee Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion

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Great for Skin and Nails!


I have used this for years and once when I ran out, found that it wasn't available so I needed to get another brand and another and another! Everything I tried was sooo inferior I couldn't believe it! Rub it in around your nails and it moisturizes and strengthens them. You can also put it on your hair to tame static. Scent Very, very light scent Absorption A little goes a long way and is absorbed quickly. Effectiveness Nourishes skin as it moisturizes and softens.

Hernando, FL


Would you like to have soft smooth skin try enfuselle by Shaklee


I joined shaklee to make extra money. Needless to say my husband works with his hands doing thread gaudges an they really get rough. We got our package in I put it up on the shelf i had all kinds of cream up there but we tried all the products an liked them. So he took the box down an said well if everything else works let me see if this works on my ruff hands.   So he tried it. I was on computer an he came running in feel my hands feel my hands! They were so soft an smooth an that was just one try an since that once he has used it his handsAnd  has cleared up no more mr scatchie for him so I highly recommend this for diabeatics who's feet or have trouble with it to sooth those heels sores that cracked my mom could of used it if i had found it sooner an for us just to use as cream its dynomite everyone at my work loves it. it soften your skin an makes it look younger give it a try.

Bowling Green, KY


Shaklee Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion

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