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Shaklee Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic

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Anti-Aging Tonic that tastes great and proven to repair DNA.


This product works! and much faster than I ever thought possible. But give it time... this is a long term health product not everyone sees results as quickly as I did and more results are still happening after 4 years. For best results make a commitment to use daily. Absorption Clinically proven to get into the cells. Doesn't Clog Pores This doesn't really apply, but it does help skin. That's where I saw the fast results. Effectiveness Guaranteed to be Safe and Effective

Hernando, FL


Huge difference taking Vivix in my skin, nails and hair!


I have heard so much about Resveratrol (Sp?) lately.  This is so much more concentrated than anything on the market.  It is pricey but my skin glows, my hair looks better, and my nails grow like crazy now!  Whatever magic ingredient is in this potion my body has been lacking since I was a kid because my toe nails NEVER used to grow!

Columbus, OH


Shaklee Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic

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