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Shaklee Basic G

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My go to disinfectant


This is a safe disinfecting product to use in your house and you can safely use it on anything. It is expensive to purchase but one bottle lasts FOREVER. You use a small amount in a spray bottle of tap water, it is very concentrated. When I first started cleaning with it, it was a bit strange. There is very little smell and there is no sudsing or lather. The previous products I used had a lot of that going on, so it did feel a little like I was cleaning with water. Now that I have gotten used to it, I will never go back to a regular, chemical cleaning product. I have been using this for over 10 years and intend on using it forever. Performance I know that when I use this product my counters, toilets, sinks, floors, everything are getting disinfected. Yes, you have to leave it sit on the surface for 10 minutes to truly disinfect, but with most disinfecting products you have to do that. I'm not sure about with bleach, but bleach is toxic...so, pick your battles. I spray one bathroom, go to the other one, pick up, spray it down, get the towels in the wash and go back to the first bathroom I sprayed to wipe it down...no biggie. Scent This has a very light scent that is almost unnoticeable. I like it because I have a very sensitive sense of smell and strong fragrances give me a headache. Plus, let's face it, fragrance is NOT good for you. Just because something smells good, doesn't mean it is clean and the fragrance is actually harmful to your health.






To me, Shakelee is not the best product for cleaning. It is more like water, and it does not have the fresh, disinfecting scent that most cleaners have. I think it would be good for people with sensitive noses, but for those of us who would like to smell the cleaning product, this is not it.




Basic G Makes me wonder...


I have, so far, been less than impressed with Shaklee's line of cleaning products. I just don't feel like they work as grealtly as they should, especially considering the money that is spent on them. I was excited to find a disinfectant that is supposedly all natural, so I can keep my home germ free without the worry of chemicals and bleach being used to do so. However, I was sorely unimpressed when I got this product and discovered that it actually DOES have a chemical odor and it just seems to be a much harsher product than the rest of the Shaklee line. Reading the directions on this product, I don't like that I have to "let it sit" for ten minutes or so to do it's job, if I were to use a bleach disinfectant, I could easily wipe away right away. Even though this product is all natural, I don't like leaving cleaners just "sit" on surfaces to do their work. This product definitely did not live up to it's promise, and just adds to my disappointment with the Shaklee line of cleaning products.


Colesburg, IA


Can't clean without my Basic-G!


Ok, so there are few cleaning products out there that get my truely excited about cleaning.  Shaklee Basic-G is one that does the trick!  Trust me, you need this product in your home.  I bought a bottle of this concentrated germicide from a friend of mine who is a rep. for Shaklee a few years ago and I fell in love with it!  First of all, note that the bottle is a concentrate and goes an extremely long way!  You use very little to add to tap water to create your cleaning product.  I love knowing that what ever I spray with it will be truely disinfected.  I use it in my kitchen and bathrooms.  I spray toilets and floors alike.  I have used it in my floor cleaner and like it for cleaning my tile floors.  When I had the carpeting in my home replaced, I made the installers wait before putting down the new carpet while I sprayed my subfloors with Basic G.  I keep a spray bottle mixed up at all times and as I said it goes a very long way.  I highly recommend this product to others.


Thousand Oaks, CA


Shaklee Basic G

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