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Shaggie 100% Cotton Chenille Cloths

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Shaggie 100% Cotton Chenille Cloths: Great For Cleaning


I got a gift basket three years ago for my birthday and the Shaggie Cotton Chenille Cloths were one of the many items in it. At first I wasn't all that impressed with them when I saw them but when I got them out of the pack and started using them I fell in love with them. Not only are they great for cleaning, they are super soft but don't leave lint behind. The secret to getting the most from them is to machine wash them but to dry them without any type of softener sheet. I learned the hard way that laundry softeners and softener sheets reduce the amount of absorbency that cotton cleaning cloths have. These are made from 100% cotton and most people are going to assume that they shed, will eventually have strings hanging off the sides of the cloths or that they are going look dingy after a couple of uses. I have had mine for three years and have only had to throw one away and that was because it ended up getting bleached and developed holes. I have been trying to get more of these but haven't found a lot of colors that I really love; even though they are mostly used for cleaning I want to get some eye-pleasing shades. They are ten inches square so they are the perfect size for dusting and wiping up spills but they aren't so large that they are hard to handle and control when you are using them.



You will want to replace every towel you own withJLD SCRUBBIES


I received these as a gift... Now I am looking every where to get MORE!!! My OCD tendNcies put this "towel" at the top of any I have EVER used!!! I want to replace every dish towel I own with JLD Scrubbies!!!



The best kept secret in bathwear!


Well now, just HOW do you classify the "SHAGGIE"?  It is being sold as a multi-tasking item that can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or for cleaning.  It is basically a washcloth. It is two-sided, with one side being super fluffy and the other being heavily stitched thereby acting more like a loofah.  So, naturally, you can use it as a great washcloth that lathers as well as providing a little exfoliating. It also makes a great little towel by the sink for kids as they just LOVE things that are soft.  My 5 year old nephew just loves to rub the fluffy side on his little cheek as it is so soft.  It also makes a great dishcloth in the kitchen.   Now the cool part is that you can attach it to your swiffer sweeper (or similar) INSTEAD of using those expensive, throw away and thin sheets that are sold with it.  It's the perfect size to wrap around and fasten into those little slits.  Use the fluffy side for washing or the scrubby side for scrubbing your floors.  I just absolutely love these little towels and have different colors for each job. As I found these for sale in a gift store, I do not know where they are generally for sale.  They are worth the hunt, tho! 

Arlington Heights, IL


Shaggie 100% Cotton Chenille Cloths

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