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Tower Fan
Seville Slimline Tower Fan

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so cool!


I got this tower fan as part of the pack from Costco. I love it. The fan itself is 40 inches tall, so needless to say, it generates a lot of wind. There's a sleep option so it'll shut off in 30 min, an hr, etc. This way, I can leave it on at night without worrying about whether I'll catch a cold. There's 3 settings for the speed, and of course the rotation setting. There's this mode that I never use, but it "mimics wind". Basically meaning it'll go from a high speed to a low speed to the medium speed at random times, to mimic wind? I'm not sure but I find the switch of the whirring sounds a bit annoying so I leave that button alone. It comes with a remote, so I can just lie in bed and operate it without moving an inch.

Diamond Bar, CA


Seville Slimline Tower Fan

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