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Seville Classics Tower Fan

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this little fan is pretty useful


This fan is a very nice little fan. It came with a bigger fan as well. This fan takes a bit of a time to "warm up" which is a bit strange, but it is still a very nice fan. Has a few options. There is a timer option to set how long it should stay on for. Also an stationary and moving mode. Also there are three options for breeze strength. This is a good for to keep by the desk. It is not too powerful, but you cannot expect much when it is such a small size. I used it for a period it time to keep my laptop cool by laying it on it's side and blowing under my laptop. This worked quite well. This probably is what it is meant to be used for, but it worked. Also, if you look into the fan you can see a bunch of dust that accumulates. It can be blown out with a air canister. All in all, it is a nice fan but has slow start up.

La Jolla, CA


Good working fan, but easily breakable


My husband and I got a seville tower fan this past summer. It worked great, and I liked that it swiveled. We were able to angle it in a way so that my husband got more of the fan than I did, because I don't like being cold at night. It has multiple settings, and a remote control came along with the purchase of the fan. You can also time it, so it'll turn off after 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. The one negative thing though, is that it was easily breakable. My husband one night woke up to use the restroom, and he knocked it over on his way. Now the fan still works, but it's kind of tilted to one side, like the screws in the base got loose so the weight of the fan is redistributed, thus causing the tilt. It's really annoying and I'm always scared it's going to fall over (although it hasn't). I didn't realize when we bought it that it would be so cheaply made that one incident would already break the fan.

Brooklyn, NY


nice fan that helps keep air moving


I've had this Seville Classics tower fan for several monthsnow and it has performed great.  It does wobble a bit when you touch it, but it stands up just fine on its own. There's an indentation on the back of the fan near the top which acts as a handle. One big plus is how easy this fan is to move and reposition compared to a regular top-heavy floor-standing fan. To me, it sounds about as loud as any normal oscillating fan, but it probably moves a little less air. It's also pretty short compared to a tall oscillating fan. If you place it against a door, it comes up to about the height of the door knob (see my picture in the gallery above). It rotates less than 90 degrees, probably about 70 degrees. When I first started up the fan, there was a slight rattling noise, but it went away after the fan picked up speed and now I don't hear it at all anymore. Aside from that, I haven't heard any other odd noises from this fan. I've been using this fan for about 10 hours a day for the past few weeks without problems. I usually keep it on the lowest speed, oscillating all night, positioned about 3 feet away from the foot of my bed. It pushes enough air to actually make me cold after just a few minutes. Overall, it's a great buy, although I thought it was a bit pricey.

Saint Charles, MO


seville Fan


**Seville fan** : I got this fan as a gift from my friend. This is very cool and very much useful. Especially during summer it works great with cool air. I have another fan apart from having this fan. But i love this fan. My friends too liked it very much. They already ordered for their home. This one comes with remote control which is very helpful. This came as a bundle with another small fan. I use both the fans and it works great. Thanks to my friend who bought me this one. I would recommend to everyone.

Irving, TX


Seville Classics Tower Fan

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