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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner Natural Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent

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Amazing, just about perfect!


I used to think that all-natural or organic products without bleaches or other harsh chemicals couldn't possibly sterilize and/or clean like the regular ones. Okay, if they do, then it takes a lot of elbow grease. I was very wrong. Seventh Generation cleaner, specifically this one with the emerald cypress and fir scent, is divine. For the tub, I spray it on and leave it for a bit, and I don't wallow in toxic air while waiting for it to do its magic. I wipe down and rinse with hot water and done. To make the tub really shiny, I wipe it down with a dry towel then. Sparkling clean, and I do mean sparkling. For the floor in the bathroom, I spray and don't even need to wait. I love the porcelain tile we have in our bathrooms and kitchen, so I want to treat them gently so that they will always have that wonderful sheen to them. 7th Gen is so perfect for that. With a dog and two kids, it's really nice to be able to clean as often as necessary and not worry about wearing down the appearance of the floor. Plus, I'm not fumegating the house, noradding harmful chemicals to out water system! Scent Love the mildness of this scent. I would have given it a 10, but I actually prefer no scents in a product other than its own natural one.




Cleans well and good for the enviroment


I like to use the Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner Natural Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent to clean my tiled bathroom. I have blue tile everywhere in my bathroom and it can get pretty gummy in the shower in particular and the Seventh Generation tile cleaner does a really good job without gassing me to death with strong volatile chemicals like the stronger conventional cleaners. Sometimes I have had to leave the bathroom when with the stronger cleaners because I am overwhelmed by the chemicals wafting around. The Seventh Generation shower cleaner scent is a bit stronger than I like but it doesn't linger too long and compared to conventional cleaners it isn't strong at all. And I know that many people really like a lingering scent in their bathroom so that might not be such a bad thing for others. I like it that the Seventh Generation tub cleaner is better on the environment as I don't like to poison all the downstream creatures so I can feel good about using it and get my bathroom nice and clean at the same time.


Amherst, MA


Absolutely love it


I really love Seventh Generation products anyway, so I was eager to give this cleaner a try when we moved to our new place. Our tile and tub were a little dingy, so I wanted to get right to it and give them all a really good scrub immediately. I used this cleaner and it worked so well! I was thrilled! The dingy tile looked as good as new right away, and it smelled amazing. It made the whole room smell like a Christmas tree! I love that I can rest easy knowing that this cleaner isn't full of so many harsh, harmful chemicals as others out there. I felt good about using it in the tub my son used as a baby. Performance This did a wonderful job of cleaning even tougher stains and grime, and it took the dingy tile in our bathroom up several notches and made it look shiny and new! Scent I absolutely love the scent of this cleaner. It smells so wonderful, like a Christmas tree or like a wintry forest. It really gave me a lift!




Love this stuff!


First of all, I must confess that I pretty much love all Seventh Generation products. And I really love this too. This cleaner works so well on bathroom surfaces. I have tried everything on our tub. Even really harsh chemical cleaners, and this is BY FAR the best! It really does clean. I also LOVE the smell. It is so so good. I wish all cleaners could smell this good. I love that Seventh Generation are products that I can feel comfortable using in my home. Sometimes I think it is especially hard to find bathroom cleaners that work and are safe. This definitely fits the bill. I love that these products are competitively priced too. It's pretty easy to find them on sale and also to find coupons to use.


Pleasant Grove, UT


This Tub and Tile cleaner is great for many bathroom tasks.


I have been taking steps toward living a more green lifestyle in the past couple of years. Some parts of the transition are easy - switching to greener electronics, light bulbs, reusable items. Other parts are trickier. One of the hardest parts for me so far has been making the switch to natural cleaning products. Some are ineffective. Some are outlandishly expensive. I am beyond ecstatic to have discovered Seventh Generation products. This Tub and Tile cleaner helps me keep my bathroom clean without using harsh, dangerous chemicals. It comes in a good sized bottle. It is simply designed and attractive. The scent is okay - it's a clean, natural scent. It isn't overwhelming and didn't irritate my sensitive nose. Most importantly, it is effective. I spray it all over my tub and shower, and with just a quick wipe, all dirt, grime, and soap scum is gone. I have also used it in other ways - it does a great job of cleaning my sink, the bathroom counter, and even the outside of the toilet. It works all over the bathroom and is a great, versatile product. The cost is similar to most competing products and it is well worth the cost. I recommend this product!


Wabash, IN


Works well, and without harsh chemicals!


This product is great - it smells good, works great, and can be used to clean the entire bathroom, not just the tub and shower.  It does an especially impressive job getting rid of mildew and soap scum very quickly and with almost no effort on your part.  All you need to do with this cleaner is spray, wait a few minutes, and wipe with a rag - you now have a squeaky clean shower; no elbow grease required. My skin gets red and irritated easily from chemicals and perfumes, and I have had no irritation when using this product.  It's also nice to not be asphyxiated by fumes when cleaning the bathroom, and the light, piney scent of the cleaner dissapates pretty quickly.  The biggest bonus for using this cleaner, though, is knowing that you are not rinsing a bunch of harsh chemicals down the drain - who know where some of those chemicals end up?!  After using this cleaner, there's no reason to return to using the harsh, chemical bathrooom cleaners that are on the market.    


Omaha, NE


Seventh Generation Tub and Tile Cleaner not good enough


In attempt to being buying greener products and use less bleach and other cleaners in my cleaning regime, I decided to try the Seventh Generation Tub and Tile Cleaner. Unfortunately I was very very disapointed. I found that it did not clean nearly as well as regular, less green cleaners. On things like the sink and tile shower, it took a lot more scrubbing then using other products and it did not clean as well. It does not work at all with mildew or mold even on things like shower curtain liners and only did a fair job with soap scum. I attempted to use it has an in between cleaner, hoping that once I removed mildew with another product, this would keep it from coming back, but no such luck. It does smell great and obvisouly it is better for the evironment then all my other products, but it's just not good enough, particularly for a tub and shower that gets a lot of use. Overall, I wanted to love it, but was highly disapointed.


Glastonbury, CT


Great cleaner!


I've been slowly trying to replace my harsher household cleaners with Seventh Generation products, and I finally got around to trying the shower products. I tried this one on my one-piece shower stall which tends to accumulate a thin, tough layer of soap scum over time.The smell of this bathroom cleaner is fairly pleasant since it is basically made of plant extracts. Unlike most tub cleaners on the market, this cleaner does not hurt your lungs when you breath it in. The Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner Natural Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent eliminates soap scum, mold, mildew and that slimy pink stuff from my tub and shower walls with very little effort on my part. With other bathroom cleaners, I would scrub and scrub just to get the dirt off, but not with the Seventh Generation tub and tile cleaner. I was pleasantly surprised to find that such green cleaner, could clean so well!  I highly recommend it!      


Marietta, GA


Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner Natural Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent

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