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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Clear

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Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets could be better.


I love natural products. What can I say? I've joined the bandwagon of the organic-obsessed generation, but I'm not so crazy as to insist on "natural" products that I will use something that doesn't really work. Seventh Generation (in general) is awesome. Reasonably priced, easily found in so many stores, and they offer coupons! But their dryer sheets were a disappointment because, first of all, you expect a fabric softener to prevent static electricity in your clothes coming out of the dryer. If I was doing a small load with no blankets, towels, or static-proned material, one dryer sheet worked just fine. But if I did a regular or large load, or had towels, blankets, or static-proned materials, I would MOST DEFINITELY need two sheets. This is irritating because I like to save money more than I want "natural" products. Another minor irritating point is that they give off no fragrance. I like fragrance - even just adding a little lavender would be nice. Overall, they are good for the super-oraganic people out there.

Temecula, CA


Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener Sheets are the best!


I love that these are fragrance free! I am very sensitive to smells, especially strong laundry soap and dryer sheet smells so these are perfect for me. They do their job perfectly - there is no static cling with these, and they leave clothes just smelling clean and not like pine trees or whatever. They fit in perfectly with the other Seventh Generation laundry products, and I use them in conjunction with their Free and Clear liquid laundry detergent and liquid fabric softener. I love that they are a simple way to treat my clothes well and be environmentally friendly at the same time. They are absolutely wonderful for those with sensitive skin, or who are sensitive to smells. I would think that they would be just the thing for baby clothes as well since they are so gentle. These can also be found in most big box stores and grocery stores, as well as online, so they're easy to find and you don't have to make a special trip to a special store to pick them up, making them a very easy way to go greener.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Excellent for laundry and the environment


I prefer to avoid uneccesarily scented dryer sheets - they seem pointless and are often irritating. So it was very nice to find Seventh Generation's Natural Free and Clear Fabric Softener sheets as an alternative - they have absolutely no scent, and are not even bleached. The sheets look a little different from usual dryer sheets - these are somewhat more papery and stiff. They also come perforated, allowing you to tear one sheet into multiples and distribute it across several loads. They seem to be as effective as the more commercial, big-name brands are - I haven't noticed my laundry being any more staticy or less soft since switching to Seventh Generation. I don't know if they confer any additional benefits, but the lack of added scent and bleach alone is enough to make them worth the high price. It's also worth noting, however, that the sheets are compostable and made with "plant-derived softening agents", meaning the have somewhat less environmental impact than any commercial sheets do.

Eugene, OR


7th Gen's Fabric Softener Sheets are great AND vegan.


Seventh Generation's Natural Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Clear are amazing for several reasons.  First, they contain no animal byproducts, unlike traditional dryer sheets which can be made from animal bones and connective tissue.  This is beneficial for those of us who are vegan, vegetarian, or live a kosher or halal life. Next, they do an amazing job of softening laundry in the dryer.  My washer doesn't have a fabric softener dispenser and it's too much of a hassle to remember to add it at the right time.  In fact, they do such a good job I usually use half a sheet. Using half a sheet is also really easy because they're perforated.  7th gen designed them this way so that they don't block the dryer's vent.  I strongly suggest just trying half a sheet the first time you use it. Finally, they don't make my sensitive skin itch, turn red, crack open, or bleed.  This is a first for me.  I can't even use the fragrance free sheets made by Bounce!

Jacksonville, AR


Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener Sheets Free & Clear

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