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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Free and Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Glad this is available for those looking to minimize fragrance..


I chose this product at a local healthy products store. I chose it for cleaning garments and fabrics that are modestly soiled and without stains. It seems to do well here. I have been happy with the cleaning. I prefer fragrance on my clean clothes-the scent "freshly laundered" appeals to me, but I know some like to minimize the "bouquet" of their socks and pillowcases and purchased hand-cafted items. It would be important to use fragrance-free fabric softener in addition to this "free and clear" detergent. Complete drying of clothing is essential. Also, be mindful that some spicy foods like curry create a natural body aroma in those (like me) who choose to indulge in them. Fragrance-free laundering sometimes leaves me with flavorful clothes, LOL. I have to use a separate "deodorizing" product. Additionally, Seventh Generation has, for me, a remarkably high price point. It is almost a luxe product. To make it accessible, the company runs many marketing promotions in conjunction with big box retailers Bed Bath and Beyond. It is wise, within reason, to stock up on this well-made detergent when it is most affordable. Performance Performs well in that it cleanses basic laundry without leaving fragrance on the clothing. I used it in conjunction with fabric softener, ample drying time, and an efficient washer. Scent The benefit of this product is the absence of a laundromat type of smell, something many find pleasing but some experience as irritating or overwhelming.

Williston, VT


Love Free & Clear!


I have used mostly all variations of the Seventh Generation brand Liquid Laundry detergent; scented as well as the Free & Clear. While I do love the scents that make the clothes smell so great, I think Free & Clear is probably the more natural choice, which is what I tend to go for. My husband and both of my children has extremely sensitive skin, so I try to pick the most natural and gentle products possible. Seventh Generation Liquid laundry detergent is a great choice when looking for something that is more natural than the typical popular laundry detergents. I love that it comes in a Free & Clear variety, which is great for my sensitive-skinned family. It has good stain fighting power for being a natural product, and it does come in HE, which I need! The only downfall that I find is the price. I have been using another brand of natural detergent - ECOS - which comes in at a significantly lower price for a larger sized bottle. So, ECOS tends to be my first choice, and this comes second when I am in desperate need of detergent and ECOS isn't around. Scent No scent - Free & Clear - but I do like that!



works well even without the "freshly laundered scent"


When it comes to laundry detergents, there are so many choices out there. But i usually prefer my laundry detergents to be non-toxic so that it's safe for both my family and the environment. Seventh Generation makes there products to be safe for both people and the planet and I wanted to try their Free and Clear line which they do not add any type of fragrance or scents to those productts. The Seventh Generation Free and Clear 2X Liquid Laundry detergent doesn't have a scent, but my clothes still came out smelling fresh and clean. It obviously still did it's job even without any familiar "freshly-laundered" scents as so many people are used to. The Seventh Generation Free and Clear 2X Liquid Laundry detergent is highly concentrated so you only need a little of it. It's designed to work in both HE washing machines and regular washing machines. I would definitely recommend Seventh Generation Free and Clear 2X Liquid Laundry detergent if you have a sensitivity to scents or you don't like scents and you want something that's gentle of your clothes and safe for your entire family - even children. The detergent does not contain any harsh chemicals so it's actually better for your fabrics and your clothes still come out clean and fresh.

Yorba Linda, CA


Seventh Generation Free and Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent

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