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Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants

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LOVE the seventh generation training pants


These training pants are just wonderful! My three year old, almost potty trained little girl loves them. They are comfortable, have not caused rash or any kind of irritation, are super easy to put on and take off by herself and has a very simple and mild pattern of trees in the front. They don't leak like the seventh generation diapers used to. She wears them in the night to sleep and when we go out and we haven't had any leaking issues with them. She used to wear them in the day time too (until she moved on to the gerber training panties) and they were comfortable while running and climbing and doing all the things a toddler does! They are not more expensive than the other disposable training pants out there and they are definitely worth it. We tried the pampers easy ups trainers but she broke out into rashes immediately- we're sticking with the seventh generation training pants until she's fully potty trained!

Milwaukee, WI


Love these training pants!


We do our best to use more natural products in our home.  We started out using cloth diapers, but due to a major rash, switched to disposable.  It's important to note that cloth wasn't the cause of the rash and I'd definitely recommend cloth as a first choice, but you cannot use most diaper creams with cloth, and we could not get the rash under control without cream.  We used Seventh Generation diapers for a while and then switched to the training pants.  The training pants are easy for my little one to pull on and off himself.  They also are very absorbent and very rarely leak...not even over night.  They are cute with little trees on the front to show the front from the back.  And if you buy them on using the subscribe and save option, they are actually a really great price.  We've bought other brands like pampers in a pinch when we've run out of these, and the smell of those ones really bothers me.  I like that these are unscented.

North Canton, OH


Seventh Generation Training Pants are soooo great!


I am thrilled with Seventh Generation Training Pants! I just started using them with my little one and they are so great. Like the diapers, they are chlorine free (yeah!) and have a wonderful natural tan color. Unlike the diapers, the training pants I purchased have a design on them which my child really likes. The training pants are decorated with super cute trees and numbers on the front panel. The Seventh Generation Training Pants go on like underwear and have a stretchy wide band around the top that can be torn if needed. These fit so well and have no chlorine so will probably be the only training pants that I use for my child who is learning to use the potty. I really like Seventh Generations products and this is just another one to add to their mom-approved list. It's wonderful that Seventh Generation blends function, health, and safety together so well. I look forward to trying more products from them!

San Antonio, TX


Seventh Generation Training Pants beat out other brands!


I've used Huggies, Pampers, and store brand pull-ups on both my son and daughter. Recently, I tried Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants and was blown away by how much BETTER they are than anything else I've used! (If you're worried about price, getting them through Amazon Mom's Subscribe and Save options makes them almost the same price as Pampers.) I love that the Seventh Generation pants are **unisex **- fantastic if you have both a boy and a girl in pull-ups - but what really sold me on these training pants is **how much better they fit** than all the others. With other brand, I have had problems with nasty mess leaking up the back. The Seventh Generation pants come up higher on the belly and back, so we have had NO leakage problems. (The only difficulty is training a little boy how to pull them up the whole way instead of letting the waistband roll.) Of course, the fact that they are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free is wonderful, as well. In short, these have far exceeded my expectations and as long as I can get them for a good price, I won't go back to any other brand.

Reedsville, PA


Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants

5.0 4