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Sesame Street
Sesame Street Fly with Elmo Airplane Ride

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Fun airplaine that promotes walking.


This toy was actually a gift from her grandparents.  If i had to choose a riding toy this probably wouldn't have been it.  I prefer more educational toys.  They can be fun, but they should teach something.  The toy is shaped like an airplane and has flying stickers all over the body.  There is a steering wheel, and ignition key, and that lever that makes a plan go up and down.  The propeller really spins when you press any of the four buttons on the steering wheel.  It talks in Elmo's voice saying come fly with me if you push the inside buttons on the steering wheel.  The airplane makes engine noises when the propeller spins.  I do like that the seat lefts up so you can store toys inside. The toy a little noisy though.  I do not mind the noise though.  I do like the fact that money goes to educational programs for kids.  For me it is okay, but there are other elmo riding toys that are more educational for the kids.  If you are looking for something that is just fun and helps kids walk this is the toy for you, but if you are looking for a riding toy that is educational you may want to look somewhere else.

Louisville, KY


Sesame Street Fly with Elmo Airplane Ride

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