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Serta Supreme Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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Helps with neck and back pain


After a car accident years ago I have not been able to find a comfortable pillow to help support my bad neck and lower back. After getting this pillow, it took me several weeks to get used to the odd shape of this one. There's still times I don't care for the shape, as it feels unnatural. On the flip side, I have noticed a huge difference in how well I sleep and not waking up with a stiff neck. This is a pretty stiff pillow but helps keep your body aligned better than most I've tried. It sinks down to conform to your head and neck and feels like a little cocoon wrapped around you. I would like to give this a rating of 10, but I just wish it felt a little more natural. Other than that, I would suggest this product for anybody suffering from any type of body pain and for a better night's sleep overall. Once you sink into this pillow and get used to the shape and feeling of it, it will slowly, but surely help.




Best pillow ever made


after brain surgery, this is the best pillow for when you have a lot of swelling. You can maneuver it a lot of different ways around your head and neck. It comes with a plush zipper cover that is machine washable. I couldn't believe the difference it made why recovering. I even took it to the hospital with me.




like it but not as firm as I expected


It is not as firm as I wanted but its a good product. but its too high for me. I should let you know that I am a rather small individual. So if you are a larger person, this might work out for you. After having baby i had some back and neck problems which is indeed solved after using this pillow. It is not a bad product overall.


Manchester, CT




This pillow plus a new mattress has improved my sleep by leaps and bounds. I am a side sleeper and this pillow provides great support. I have been sleeping on my back as well, which is new to me. I never get neck pain or headachs anymore and wake up well rested.


Vancouver, WA


serta supreme memory foam contour pillow "love this product


the serta supreme memory foam contour pillow really takes the pressure off my achy back. i had the mattress and decided to try the pillows and the money was well spent. before i got these i always awoke to  varying amount of soreness through my neck and shoulders. thanks serta.


Hurley, VA


How have a lived without my memory foam pillows?


I recently feel in love with the Serta Conture Memory Foam Pillows. I have trouble with my back and my husband has trouble sleeping so I am always looking for something to help us sleep more comfortably. So we decided to try the Serta memory foam pillows. These are the best pillows we have ever had!!!! The first night we had them we both slept the whole night through and woke up feelign great the next day. The zip up removable covers that you can easily toss in the washer are a major plus since I also have allergy problems. I would recommend these to anyone that has trouble sleeping due to back and/or neck pains. They are WELL worth the money.


Deltona, FL


Experience a restful night


This is the best pillow around for a complete restful night.  I purchased pillow after pillow and always thought I picked out the best pillows until this memory foam pillow by Serta.  It was actually recommended to me by family and for sometime now I have been in severe chronic pain due to psoriatic arthritis.  So I thought what the heck.  Purchased the pillow and hated it for the first night.  What I hated was the change.  It is definately different than any other pillow.  Immediately after the second night I slept like a baby and realized yes this pillow is awesome it conforms to my every curve.  Every since I have better rest and wake up with less pain!  Try it for yourself.  A++++++


Lansford, PA


The contours don't fit my curves


Before getting a temperpedic mattress I decided to try a memory foam pillow. Serta is actually the creator of the first memory foam mattress and products. I have one of their mattresses and it is very nice to sleep on, but the pillow is not as impressive. I also have a contour made from the temperpedic foam, the difference in the pillows are the same as with the mattresses. The Serta memory foam is firmer than the temperpudic, and once you find a comfortable position (or the pillow has molded itself to your shape) and you decide to move, it takes a while for it to re-mold to your new position. If you are a light sleeper this can be problematic. If you are in the market, I would try and find the same pillow in the temperpedic foam rather than the Serta.


Portage, MI


It really helps you get a relaxing nites rest


I have been using a contour pillow for nearly 10 years now and I can recommend it to anyone.. if you've had a tough, stress filled day this is one sure way to help ensure that you have a good relaxing, stress free nights sleep.. I cant sleep on a 'regular' pillow anymore.. or when I've tried I toss and turn and punch the pillow Im trying to sleep on and it still doesnt help me.. If you have neck/back problems this is something you really should get for yourself.


Pikeville, KY


Serta Supreme Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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