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Serta  Sleep Number Bed

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Sleep Number Bed


The sleep number bed was given to me a while back from my aunt. I had never been on one of these beds before, and I had no idea what to expect. The main thing that I love about this mattress is that two people who like completely opposite things can both be comfortable in this bed. I like my mattress very soft, and my husband likes his very hard. So he sleeps with his set on 100, and I sleep with mine on about 25. The only problem with this is that when my son comes in and sleeps in the middle of the bed he always rolls down to my side, because of the difference. But that's our own fault for being so different. I will also say that the equipment must be pretty durable, because I have had a dog chew holes into the tubing under the bed before, and it was a very easy fix. I can't say that I can recommend this to someone with a bad back, because neither of us have any ailments that caused us to get the bed. But it is very comfortable, whether you like one extreme or the other. I just don't recommend anyone sleeping in the middle when one side is set so high and the other so low.



Serta Sleep Number Bed

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