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Serta Sertapedic Mattress

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Surprisingly Comfortable


For the price. This innerspring is great. I bought this bed for my Mom. She has a few forms of arthritis and gets terrible hip and shoulder pain. She needs support without it hurting her his and shoulders. Parts that more often than not, get hurt by innerspring mattresses. She did move out but she loved the mattress. She misses it much but it would be insane to try to ship it across the country. Since she has been gone. I have slept on it from time to time and it is a guest bed now. I have back problems thanks to pregnancy and epidural. Let me tell you, I have found excuses to sleep on this mattress. It is kind to y hips and lower back. I sleep very well on this mattress. It doesn't squeak at all (it is only 8 months old) Sheets designed for thick memory foam will slip around and not fit. The fabric is nice. The price was right and the bed is good.


Aurora, CO


I can't get enough of these mattresses!


I absolutely love this mattress! I have two of them and have had one for over 10 years. Still just as comfortable as the day I bought it and it has been the best bed for an incredible price! Not too hard, not too soft, it was just right! Hasn't lost its shape or durability. I will continue to buy this brand over and over and I always let people know how great the mattress is!!


West Plains, Missouri




I bought this because it was on sale and it felt pretty good when I laid down on it in the store. It felt a bit different when I actually got it home and slept on it (although I am not surprised). It will feel different when you/re in your pajamas and all comfy. But I was ok with it.


Washington Twp., MI


One of the best mattresses on the market!


I currently own a Serta Sertapedic Mattress and I LOVE it. Although the price range is a little on the higher side, i have had many sleep filled nights on my serta. The mattress is soft yet not too soft to where it doesn't give your body the support it needs. There are no springs that usually end up tearing through the mattress. I've had my Mattress for 6 Yrs now and its just now barely wearing. Overall this mattress in my opinion is one of the best. Totally worth the price.




Get a better night's sleep


We purchased this mattress after sleeping on an old coil mattress. What an AMAZING decision. No longer does my back ache in the morning when I wake up. Also, my husband gets up much earlier for work than I do. When he gets out of bed I cannot even feel him get out and I can remain asleep until I have to get up. This mattress is so comfortable and allows us to get a very restful night's sleep. In addition, the memory foam of the mattress is better for your back and bones and does not put undue pressure on them which could cause damage like regular coil mattresses can. An amazing mattress. I would highly recommend it! Comfort Contours to your body for an amazing night's sleep. Support Very supportive, but comfortable! Firmness Just the right amount of firmness--not too hard and not too squishy. Durability So far so good. We've owned this mattress for almost 4 years.


Greer, SC


Not for anyone other than a small kid


This mattress is not for kids of all ages. I bought it for my 16 yr old. It didn't last AT ALL. It is not sturdy enough for a teenager. WIth only a 1 one warranty on the mattress you might want to buy something more expensive for the warranty. Learned my lesson on this one. I'd never bought a mattress that I couldn't use for about 10 yrs. This one lasted only 2!


Aurora, IL


A good mattress for kids. Priced right.


We were looking for a mattress to start our toddler on. He outgrew the toddler bed and was ready for a big boy bed. We shopped around and found this SertaPedic Oriana at a local mattress store. It was priced right and seemed comfortable. we didn't want something too soft because he is still young and we wanted to make sure he was on a firm enough mattress to support him and not engulf him. This was priced well and he is very happy on it and sleeping well.


Cary, IL


Serta Sertapedic Mattress

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