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Serta Senna Mattress

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This pillowtop Serta mattress is awesome


Normally, I am very insistent upon getting the best deal there possibly is without worrying about the quality of what we get on pretty much anything. However, when I recently went shopping with my husband for a new mattress for our bedroom, I really wanted a great mattress. We've been sleeping on sub-par (read: hand-me-down) mattresses our whole marriage, and it was time for us to find something that was really comfortable and that we both really liked. We went to Sam's Club because we knew they had some good deals there and a good selection of mattresses. The Serta Senna pillowtop mattress was the most expensive we considered, but it was the clear winner. The pillowtop has memory foam inside, so it is unbelievably comfortable, and my husband and I were both amazed at how much more relaxed our bodies seemed to be while trying out the mattress in the store than when we lay on our bed at home. We have been very pleased with our purchase!

Midland, TX


Serta Senna Mattress

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