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Serta  Boulevard Mattress

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Ok at first but became very sunken in a couple of years.


This mattress was reasonably comfortable when it was new (for a less expensive mattress). In just a couple of years it has become severely sunken. You can see on the end where it is bulging out in the middle, where the mattress has basically broken down. Looking at the mattress. it is actually uneven with high and low spots where the springs have broken down in spots. Even with a 3" mattress pad it has become unusable. There wasn't excessive weight on it either. Mine and my wifes weight combined is about 400 lbs which isn't that much for 2 adults. What is really surprising though, is that the box spring has broken down and sunken in the middle too. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to make a wood box that could support 2 adults. I don't have the original receipt so the warranty is now useless. Even if I could find the receipt, I think I would rather get a better brand mattress than try to trade it out under warranty every couple of years.


Niagara Falls, NY


The Boulevard Mattress


The appearance is good. The mattress feels soft and firm to the touch. Support The boxspring is poorly constructed, slides off of the side rails, and the supports have separated from the frame. It makes noises. The mattress cannot be flipped, either. Firmness It feels firm to the touch in some areas. Springs are breaking through at the corners.




I love it so far!!


I bought this mattress out of a need for a mattress due to getting married and out growing my small twin mattress. My husband said I am now harder to wake in the morning because I am sleeping so hard. I am excited to have a good mattress and for a good price too!!


Oklahoma City, OK


Serta Boulevard is not that good.


My family and I had just moved to a new state, and were hoping to buy a reasonably priced, but good quality mattress. We specifically wanted a Serta, hearing that they were good. We were rather upset at the lack of quality. Not only is it easy to indent and spoil, but the stitches are also loose which is not good for someone like me who has small children. In total: Not worth it. :)


Stanford, KY


This mattress doesn't live up to the Serta name.


I bought this mattress after laying on it in the store.  It felt soft and cushy, but with firmness underneath.  After sleeping on it for less than 2 weeks, I noticed it was "sinking" in the spot I normally lay in.  And that side of the bed was extremely soft, with no support, while the other side of the bed was firm.  After calling the store, they said that Serta had informed them that if you don't start sleeping in different areas of the bed, it can actually start to "hot dog" around you.  What kind of mattress is that???  So I started sleeping in different areas of the bed, and it would be much firmer when going to sleep......but when I woke was soft again, and sunken.  I tried moving the mattress end for end (since you aren't supposed to flip it) and that worked for a few nights, and now I'm having the same problem with that side of the bed.  So, the firmness does come back somewhat after not sleeping in that area for a few nights.  The biggest problem is though that by the time you wake up in the morning, it is so soft underneath you that there is no support and your back hurts. 


Rossford, OH


Not too bad so far :)


We've had this about a month or so now. It was purchased as a gift for us so we had no say in what type/style of mattress that we got. I have read a lot of not so good reviews on this set, but so far it is working out well for us. But before this we slept on an air mattress for a year! We have none of the sagging that I've read about. I know that this is a cheaper set, and is not made to last a long time. It is perfect for those that don't have a lot of money but need a mattress now. I know that we'll be replacing it in a few years time. I would say the only downside so far is that it is only one-sided. You are not able to flip/rotate the mattress because it is made to only be used on side. I'm sure that this contributes to the lack of longevity and eventual sagging that I've read about. I'll say that so far, we are very pleased. It's not the most comfortable mattress in the world, but I don't wake up hurting either.


Norwalk, OH


Don't buy it!


I bought the mattress on 8/10/10, a single Serta Boulevard. I had to return it for an exchange on 9/4/10 because it had a sinkhole in the middle of the bed, so no matter which way I put the mattress my hips lie in a hole.  I lost my receipt, who keeps a bed receipt anyway, so the store would only give me another mattress.  My back hurt so much using this mattress that I couldn't sleep and was taking Motrin an hour before I went to bed so I wouldn't wake up in pain.  If this one does that I am contacting the company and hope they will rectify the situation.  By the way, I am of normal weight for my height so that is not what is causing the sinking in the middle.  Can't figure it out, it is firm when you buy it. 


Eastpointe, MI


I hate my mattress!!!


Hi! We purchased a Serta King size (pillow top) mattress set; have been extremely disappointed in the quality of the mattress. It has a permanent 'sink hole' where we lay (despite turning as instructed); I do not get a decent night's sleep and I hate this mattess!! I wish I could afford a sleep-number bed!


Colorado Springs, CO


Can't believe it's ruined already


We bought the mattress in September, and two months later my wife moved to an air mattress in the living room, and I'm the one with a bad back.  Serta's web site says they will repair or replace it if we are not satisfied, but I sure don't want another one.  The mattress sags so much where we normally lay, we can hardly get out of the rut.  It would probably be a great mattress for a guest bedroom, but not one you will sleep on everyday.


Rising Sun, IN


this matress is extremely comfortable!


i just purchased this serta mattress and was  pleasantly surprised. i thought that because it was offered in a closeout store that it wouldn't be that comfortable, but i was wrong. it is like this mattress is just right. i also tried out the arrington model, but i just fell in love with this one. the mattress is firm, but not stiff and it definitely provides great support for tired backs like mine.


Elizabethtown, NC


Serta Boulevard Mattress

2.6 10