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Serious Skincare
Serious Skincare INstatox

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Instant results that last for 24 hours


Instatox is a good product that really reduces the look of wrinkles and sagging skin immediately. The results are not long lasting, but they will last for the day. Some women swear by this product. My mother, who is 63 and look like she is in her 40's, will not go a single day without this product. Absorption Instatox does not really absorb. It sits on top of your skin to do its job. Doesn't Clog Pores It has never clogged my pores. Effectiveness I think it works great for my mother, but I cannot get it to do the job for me. If you get too much product on it turns white. And then my makeup does not go on nice over the top of the Instatox. If I am going to spend my money on beauty products, I want something with long lasting effects.



Serious Skincare INstatox

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