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Serious Skincare
Serious Skincare Dry-Lo

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Serious Skin Care Dry-Lo


Dry Lo is fantastic! I had cystic acne for years and years. Tried medications, VERY pricey skin care lines, changing diet, meditation - you name it. After a car accident from the medications I needed to recover the cystic acne got even worse. I saw Dry lo on t.v. and figured why not give it a try. Within 2-3 weeks my cystic acne was gone! You smell like a burnt match but I didnt care. If you have a lot of acne you will look a little funny, my mother's cat wouldnt sit next to me for the first few evenings. I usually get Dry Lo in a kit so it is very affordable and a bottle lasts quite a long time. I get about a year out of a single bottle even in the beginning. I also liked that you can control how heavy to put it on. Because it uses sulphur (if you have allergy to sulpha I probably would ask my doc first) I wouldnt use it during the day even under makeup (smells like a match) I have no clue if anyone around me noticed the scent.

Addison, IL


Gets Rid Of Worrisome Pimples


I love Dry-Lo. It is expenisve but worth it. I have very sensitive skin, and this is one of the only products do not make me break out even worse. It is easy to apply, and is good for people who get huge pimples. Dry-Lo dries those humogous pimples out, so you have no worries if you have prom to go to or a hot date. However, the bad thing about it is you can only buy it on HSN.  

Pittsburgh, PA


Serious Skincare Dry-Lo

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