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Neck & Decollete Firming
Serious Skincare
Serious Skincare Correct-chin

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A must have for long term skin care!


This is one of those products I cannot live without. I always have extra on hand, as I fear running out. This product is great for the money. I have used a dozen different creams for the neck making promises and failing. This is NOT one of those. This product works, and it feels amazing. Gave some to my girl friends for Christmas and they all fell in love with this product Absorption My skin literally drinks this in and it feels amazing. You will actually feel your neck firming up immediately. The results are amazing and long lasting. I love a product that works instantly and also has long term benefits!! Bonus! Doesn't Clog Pores This product is for your neck and has never caused me to break out. I have adult onset acne so believe me when I tell you I watch for issues such as clogged poors. Effectiveness This product works so well it is amazing. You will love it! I gave it a nine because the only thing better would be a face lift!!



It's Correc-chin, not Correct Chin, and it is amazing!!!!!!!!!


I am a total beauty product junkie.........I just turned 65, and most people guess my age at 45-50.  I have used every product ever made and Correc-Chin is great..........moisturizes and smooths wrinkles in the neck and chest area, and feels wonderful.  This is a must have.

Burlington, WA


Immediate and long term improvement!


This is an amazing cream!  I have some very deep rings around my neck and deep lines on my chest and this is the first thing that has ever made any visable difference in either areas.  Immediately after using my neck and chin area feel firmer and tighter (though not uncomfortable) and after about two weeks of using I am already seeing a difference in the depth of the rings and deep lines!  It glides on like silk and penetrates quickly.  But you have enough time to acutally get in there and deeply massage the cream into the skin.  I've also used it on my face a few times and even though my skin is not really loose, I could feel and see a difference in the firmness.  Also it is great under makeup!  Primer and foundation glide on smoothly and effortlessly.  I have mixed emotions on Serious Skin Care products... some I LOVE (like this one) and others don't do anything for me.  It's kind of hit and miss for me, but this product reminded me why I keep going back and trying their line.

Port Charlotte, FL


Serious Skincare Correct-chin

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