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Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Her

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Expensive, but Wonderful


Over all, it's a good value for someone who switches up scents, or hasn't found thier "signature" scent yet. I'll just say a quick note on a few of the perfumes I consider to be major sellign points of this item. Dior Hypnotic Poison... one of my favorites of all time. I would compare it fizzy, clove & rootbeer, that stays on all day! Clinique Happy is one of my favorites too, I've worn it in my teen years and even though now I prefer happy heart, the original happy is a must have for a day when you want to smell sophisticated, but not overdone. With the more expensive perfumes, it's where the deal gets better because you can have more than just one for a good price. Personally, I like to switch perfumes often. So, I have at least 20 bottles just sitting around. I'd much rather have something like this, I'd have saved money AND storage space! This would be a great gift for yourself, or for anyone really!

Vidor, TX


Great Idea! Need one for Classics


I love this!  You get large samples of many perfumes, a rollerball set and a voucher to purchase your fave from the set.  This gives you a great chance to really try on the scents and find the one that best suits you.  Then, you take your voucher and turn it in for a full size of your fave!  I have purchased a few of these, sometimes the voucher is worth more than what you paid, depending on which perfume you choose.

Winter Park, FL


A fragrace sampler - such a great idea!


Sephora's favorites deluxe fragrance sampler for her is such a good idea for the indecisive gift-giver like myself.   I have purchased several of these for many of the women in my life, and none of them have been disappointed.  Rather, they are excited to try so many quality fragrances, and then select the one they like best.  I found that these sell out quickly (at least they do at our local store), so when I see them, I usually grab a few to make sure no one is left out of such a fun gift.  I don't think they always do it, but once a girlfriend received a coupon/voucher in her sampler pack for a full sized bottle of her fragrance of choice out of those included in her sampler.  A double gift!  This is definitely one of those gifts that you can't go wrong giving, and why only make it a gift?  Get one for yourself , too, and you will probably discover a new fragrance you just have to run out and get.   Hey, it's a lot better than spraying yourself silly while standing in the store!?!

Orlando, FL


Sephora Favorites Deluxe Fragrance Sampler for Her

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