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Sentry - Wireless Two-Way Speaker

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Has Some Limitations, But Very Good for The Price


  I recently purchased this speaker set and once I received it, I did find some limitations to it's capabilities. Before I start on the limitations, let me note the price of this item. For the price, this speaker set is top notch, but I am writing out all the capabilities for anyone who may prefer to  spend the extra money for the "whole shebang". The main limitation is that the input on the transmitter is a single 3.5 mm headphone jack. I was expecting an RCA input, but this is not a very big issue, since a much more pressing issue is the fact that the transmitter can not be wired in line with any other home theatre system without some extra equipment and planning. It is a single 3.5mm line-in interface for the transmitter, and I was hoping for an audio in and audio out for an in-line set-up. What I wanted to do is have the speaker in-line with the stereo system, so that anything being played from it will also be played in tandem with the SP-950, making for an easy way to have the sound from the system travel anywhere I do. Additionally, the supplied audio cables are all of about 18 inches long, so relocating the transmitter to avoid interference is impossible and you will need to get some longer cables. Luckily, the power supply is several feet long for both speaker and transmitter and I have a TON of audio cables. In order to get sound from the wireless speaker all the time, I just split the sound output at the source RCA, so I get sound from both the surround speakers and the wireless. It worked very well once I figured all the set-up issues out. The speaker sounds great even at a lower volume, though I do see why they recommend the higher volume(source at %50 volume) due to some white noise. I was not able to get rid of all the noise, despite relocating the transmitter. I get great distance with the speaker, sometimes over the 100 ft distance(even through the walls), but not much, so I can see why they say up to 100ft. The speaker sounds good, though a bit bass heavy with no direct controls. I was not expecting nor willing to pay for a traveling home theatre. What it does is exactly what I was hoping for: a supplement for outdoor listening. The speaker is lightweight and looks pretty good with my set-up, since all has a high-gloss black finish. I love, love, LOVE the fact that the speaker and transmitter will both take either batteries or an AC adapter, since that expands the travel options as well as the permanent installation options. A lot of the higher end wireless outdoor speakers do not have this option, and it is HUGE., especially since I live on a lake. All in all, I am very happy with the product at the cost, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for an add-on, as long as you can meet the criteria described above.

Olive Branch, MS


Sentry - Wireless Two-Way Speaker

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