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Sensio Bella Cucina Stainless-Steel Electric Grill and Griddle

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Great but the numbers washed off.


This is great. It would be great for anyone. Easy to use and easy to put away.  I purchased this panini maker on sale--and to tell the truth because it was the cheapest in price. I did not have grand expectations....I was wrong...I have found the unit to be well made, simple to operate and have used it non stop since we got it.  I have not made paninis on it, but I have used it more as a replacement for the outside grill when it is just too cold or too snowy outside.  I have only used the grill part of it, not the griddle, so I don't know much about that part of it. I do wish that it were easier to get the plates on and off, they tend to stick. I would have given it more stars in its review, but after the first time I used it, the numbers on the front that show the temperature and heat washed off! I'm guessing that grease got on it and sat a little too long but there is absolutely nothing on the front of it now.

Portage, IN


The Sensio Indoor Grill is great for everyday use.


I received this indoor grill several years ago as a Christmas gift. It really is a great product that I have used more and more. It comes with two sets of snap in plates: grill plates and griddle plates. This is a great feature and makes for easy clean up because you can put them right in the dishwasher. You can also open the unit flat to make pancakes or other things on the griddle. I have used it this way and it is nice because you can make more pancakes at once than you could in a single frying pan. I use this a lot to cook chicken. It cooks quickly evenly. You don't even need oil as it is nonstick. The plates are easy to snap in, although the one griddle plate is a bit tough, but that might just be my machine. I probably use this once or twice a week. It is great for steak and chicken as well as sandwiches. You can make grilled cheese or other grilled sandwiches. I really like this grill for it's ease of use and quick cooking time.

Ambridge, PA


Sensio Bella Cucina Stainless-Steel Electric Grill and Griddle

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