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Single-Cup Coffee Makers
Senseo Single-Cup Supreme Coffee Maker

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love love love


i love this single serve coffeemaker.  it makes a great hot cup of coffee in 5 seconds. the variety of pods from different brands is wonderful. my husband sent this to me from iraq and i am a coffee fanatic. i will never steer from senseo brand. its amazing.

hastings, FL


This Senseo Supreme is just okay.


We've had our Senseo Supreme for 3 years now and decided we're done with it.  The water tank doesn't seem to register with the machine so you can have a full tank and it keeps telling you to add water.  Sometimes it looks like you have enough water for one cup, some not enough to even make that even though the water tank is full.  It makes a good cup of coffee but so does the base model.  We tend to make larger cups of coffee and were drawn to the larger water tank with this one but we've had to contact Phillips to replace it twice already and I'm not about to do it a third time.  It's so frustrating when you wake up first thing and just want a cup of coffee but you have to keep playing with the water tank so it can register the proper amount of water!  We've maintained it as instructed but we continue to have the same problem.  If you're looking in to getting a Senseo, save yourself the extra money and get the base model.

North East, MD


i use it every day!


i love my **Senseo Single Serve Supreme Coffee Machine SL7832-55.  it is easy to use and it delivers a great cup of coffee in just minutes.  i love that i can have coffee house coffee in the comfort of my home.  i can have a great hot cup of fresh coffee any time that i want it.  **

Collinsville, TX


I like the senseo HD7832/55 coffee maker


**For the price of this Senseo HD7832/55 I dont believe you can beat it for what it does. I do ejoy it for its ease of use. For home use its simple and quick, very easy to use and clean. The water chamber is also very simple to fill. Has a led screen that is very nice and clear. Easy to read and understand. Im sure there are better units out there but for prob double or more in price. And take up more counter space, this unit has a very small footprint on the counter top. This senseo is called chrome color, I call it silver and stainless. Senseo has other colors, black,red but they are in different models of the machine. I would definitly buy this again, Ive put our regualor coffee pot away in the cupboard. With 2 of us its the perfect size. You can use it to make tea, the tetley round bags work great in it and are more economical than the regular  tea pods. You can make hot chocolate also. It is an instant hot water dispenser, just make sure there is a pod holder in it before you push the button for one or 2 cups.**

Fair Oaks, CA


Senseo Single-Cup Supreme Coffee Maker

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