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Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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Convenience without compromising sound quality


I got these headphones for Christmas. I hate the clutter from the headphone cords and how easily they tangle. Set-up was easy. You connect the base which also serves as a charger to your computer or aux input. The headphones rest on the base and are charged through induction. Sound quality was good and there was not a lot of interference. They would get uncomfortable after a while but I think that happens with any pair of headphones when you wear glasses too. The convenience of being able to walk around my room or go to the bathroom without taking them off is awesome. The headphones themselves seem pretty sturdy and durable and able to withstand accidental droppings.


Downers Grove, IL


Great Quality Wireless Headphones


I love these headphones.  I bought these headphones for my husband.  He likes to stay up later and watch tv when I like to go to bed.  He loves them, he says they are very comfortable and they do not leak any sound, I can finally rest in pease.  When researching which ones to buy I looked at these, sony, and bose headphones.  These are by far the cheapest and they actually had better reviews, and those reviewers were right because they really are the best.  They have a rechargeable battery in them and a holster that you can sit them in to recharge while you're not using them.  They are also great for people who are hard of hearing the TV.  My step father suffers from hearing loss and he wears these same headphones to be able to hear the TV.  My only problem with them I would say is that you cannot get up and move around the room with them on or you will get static in your ears, you have pretty much a five foot radius to move around in. 


Centreville, VA


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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