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RS 180
Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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Crisp, clean wireless headphones


Was looking for some wireless headphones for some late night movie watching ( got tired of reading subtitles with the volume low ) and came across these. Debated between the RS170 and the RS180, but decided on the 180 after finding a decent deal on them. The headphones have very nice and clear sound, utilizing the "Kleer" technology. I've heard the previous models had some background noise problems. I haven't done much music listening, but has been great for movies. Dialogue is crisp, the highs are clean, and has enough punch for the lows. Wireless delay was a concern for me since dialogue sync issues could get very annoying. I didn't notice any delay problems from the headphone output of my Pioneer SC-05. As for range, my apartment is fairly small - didn't notice any range problems even in different rooms. The headphones are fairly light, consisting mostly of plastic. It looks nice but feelsa little cheap in some places. The earpiece are made of felt-like material, compared to the faux leather look of the 170s. The ears got a little warm at times from them. I also have a big head and the headphones felt tight at first, but got a lot more comfortable after a few hours of wearing them. Oh, the earpieces twist off and one AAA battery goes in each ear. I have replaced the stock recharables with eneloops and have been charging fine. ( the transmitter unit recharges the batteries when you set the headset on it ) As for the buttons on the headset, there is Volume up / down, Power, Left/Right Balance. Not sure what the balance does, I've played around with it and didn't really notice any changes in the left-right speakers. It says that four headsets can be connected to the same transmitter, so could be useful for multiple viewers. One annoyance I've noticed is the location of the power button on the transmitter unit. It can't be pressed with one hand since the unit itself just gets pushed backwards. Might have been more convenient to have the power button near the top. Would recommend. Made my night time movie sessions a lot more enjoyable and exciting!

San Francisco, CA


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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