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RS 170
Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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Decent headphones but limited by typical wireless problems


I've owned these headphones for about a year now. They're comfortable, convenient and the quality is not bad when compared to other wireless devices. The problem though is that wireless devices all lack in quality compared to wired headphones and out such a high price, I am not sure I can recommend purchasing these headphones unless you absolutely need the convenience of wireless. The wireless, like on any wireless devices, can cause a humming noise when the source audio isn't loud enough and often there is no way to increase the source audio. Also some short sounds won't play entirely, a 'ding' alert noise will only play a portion of it due to the delay in wireless.



Great sound/worth every penny


After wasting money on TV Ears headphones, and doing A LOT of research on numerous websites before spending money on these headphones, I chose these Sennheiser headphones and have not regretted it at all. The headphones are comfy on your head and the sound is crystal clear. I bought these primarily for watching late night tv while my husband is busy snoring. The headphones drown out all external noise and as stated before, the audio is crystal clear. Very happy I purchased these. Sound Quality Great sound, and my husband who works in the audio visual world, was very impressed with the sound and I know it was a good buy if he gave it a thumbs up. Comfort The headphones are very comfy on my head and on my ears. The only drawback is when I put my glasses on for watching tv, it kind of presses a bit on the sides of my head with the headphones. I always have to put the glasses on first before the headphones, but once they're on, it is almost non existentent and I forget about anything other than watching and listening to the tv. Design As stated before, the headphones are nice and comfy, and I love the fact that they're wireless. The biggest drawback for these headphones are the controls for volume,etc... They are located on the right side of the headphone, and in the dark, it is difficult to change volume due to lack of light. That is probably the biggest drawback, but the positive things far outweigh the negatives. The charging cradle is a little bit flimsy as far as easily falling over if you are not paying attention, and a quick rememdy for that is my husband velcroed the base to the table top and it is nice and sturdy now. Durability Very durable, and I can personally speak from experience that the charging cradle is very durable since I have knocked it to the floor in the past and it didn't break or crack.

Pacific Grove, CA


Great improvement over previous versions


I've been using this wireless headphone for music and watching movies. And I should say this by far is the best wireless set I've owned. I had the RS 140 but I felt it is lacking in the low range. While the rs170's base isn't as heavy as I'd like, but you can definitely hear it compare to the RS140...it makes watching movies, especially action ones so much more alive! I'm glad I actually replace my old headphones. Hope this help those who are planning to upgrade.

Los Angeles, CA


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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