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RS 130
Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

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Best cans I ever had(in this price range)


I love these. My boyfriend and I only buy Sennheisers, and this pair of wireless is our favorite. Unfortunately, we are probably going to have to switch to their digital wireless headphones, as these are no longer available! For this price range I don't think you could have found a better product. Comfort like baby butts on your ears, but less gross! Durability I managed to break two pair over 4 years.

Bloomington, IN


The Sennheiser RS130 Headphones are an excellent product.


The Sennheiser RS130 Headphones are an excellent product and worth the price. I work with editing music and sounds that would be nearly Indistinguishable with lesser sound. The quality of the noise coming out is nearly studio quality. As well as having amazing sound for a consumer product they are incredibly comfortable. I have personally gone weeks strait editing with these on and never, ever feeling it afterward. If you can get past the fact that they are kind of bulky, the comfort is unbeatable. And the battery life on these is superb. I have never run out of life. And I am still using the rechargeable batteries it came with over a year later. The charger it comes with is also quite nice. It's a stand that stands about 8 or 9" and I have it set next to my computer for easy access. It can be a little difficult to get the best sound quality out of it. But with a little tinkering that is fixed fairly easy. The only real complaint I could give it that the wireless signal it gives off has a lot of trouble going through metal and concrete and it will give off a bad static signal. But that would only really be a problem if you are on a construction crew, which I doubt you would have headphones on. Excellent product.

Belfair, WA


be free ranging with the Sennheiser wireless headphones


I've tried wireless headphones or FM transmitters to try to be able to raom around and listen to my computer, or broadcast my tv, but nothing delivered range or quality until I got this headphone system. Connected to my computer I can roam around the house and even into my backyard with these on. I have XM radio, and I can listen to a baseball game while being productive around the house. The range is much better than I expected, able to go through walls and floor, so I have several story range. I have been able to use it outside as well. The audio quality is good, probably not audiophile great, but certainly good enough. The headphones are comfortable and have some volume and tone control, although it could be better. The battery charges up from the base unit, I have not had any problem with it running out or not taking a charge. Overall, this wireless headphone set delivers more than it promises and is just what I was looking for.

West Chester, PA


Quality headphones that lacks versatility


The Sennheiser RS130 Wireless headpones produce really good quality audio, but their use is rather limited to me which may make you think twice before getting them. I bought these mainly for listening to music and watching TV and movies without disturbing others around me and I have always hated the restriction that comes with wired devices. The mobility of these headphones are its greatest asset for me, but their obtrusive design do not lend themselves to be worn out in public. Their range is also limited to about 50 feet to the base. Sometimes there is also some static interference, but that is not an issue that really bothers me too much. Also, it can be uncomforatable wearing these for extended periods of time greater than an hour or so, despite the foam padding. They are not as bad on the ears as some other products, but I feel the need to give my ears a rest after a while. My biggest concern is more that this product will be soon, if it is not already, outdated. Bluetooth headphones may be worth looking into.

Sugar Land, TX


Greatest purchase ever!


Hubby and I are using these headphones every single night now. He always wanted the sound on the tv way up and I have sensitive ears so that was always a problem. With these headphones the problem is solved! It took some coaxing to get him to try them as he normally hates headphones....but now he loves them! He can't believe how great the sound is, how comfortable they are, that his ears don't heat up, and he can adjust the volume to his can I. They stay on securely without putting any pressure on the ears or head. The soft velvet earpads are super comfy and don't make your ears sweat. We often forget they are on they are that comfortable. Being wireless and being able to walk around the apartment listening to the tv or movie is a bonus. Being open back is great because we can still hear if the phone rings or speak to each other with them on.  Some don't like the surround sound option but hubby and I like it a lot. The only minus is a slight clicking sound sometimes that is in the background. These would be great for someone hard of hearing to enjoy tv again. They have made watching tv and movies with hubby a joy again!

Glendale, CA


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

4.8 5