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PMX 70
Sennheiser Sport Running Headphones

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These are really good for working out!


These are really good for working out! Don't you hate adjusting your headphones while running or on the elliptical or lifting weights or stretching well you get the idea! I can put these on and I don't have to worry about adjusting them at all! Great for the athletic type!

Owatonna, MN


These headphones were worth every penny!


I have small ears and have lots of problems with earbuds, etc falling out. These stay in, don't shift around and are comfortable! They were pretty expensive, but since all my others always ended up in the trash I guess they are worth it. Now I can concentrate on my running instead of on keeping my headphones on.

Longmont, CO


THE runners headphones


The Sennheiser PMX 70 headband headphones are THE headphones of choice for runners everywhere. I have owned mine for around a year now. The headphones sit comfortably on your ears, and never seem to weigh you down, even after running many miles. The cord design is overall very good, excellent length, though the rubbery material does tend to catch on your skin at times. The shirt clip on the back is a great addition, and keeps everything tight and snug. Every now and then it will fall off, but usually is ok for long periods of time. Sound quality is very good, certainly as good as you will be able to hear while running. If you wear a hat or beanie, it can be quite irritating as you wear them, it will push down on your ears causing discomfort. Not a huge deal, just the nature of the design. There is also some reflective material on the headphones, which adds a bit of safety while running at night. Overall very good headphones, maybe a bit expensive, but worth it.

Cordele, GA


Sennheiser Sport Running Headphones

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