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CX 300-II
Sennheiser Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

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Bang for your Buck


Best bang for your buck earphone. Quality sound/bass. Only con is the length of the wire. I use these to workout and I can block out all exterior noise without getting crappy quality sound. I do wish they would make different wire length because it can get in the way when exercising. Otherwise I am quite happy with it. Design the wire is too long



The best ear headphones ever!


These headphones are the best stocking stuffer ever! I have been trying to find painless earbuds that wont fall out during workouts and these are by far the most comfortable ones i have ever tried. They come with three different sizes of silicone ear pieces and a very nice leather wallet/pouch job that you can store them in. Sound Quality They are almost entirely noise cancelling. You hear the music very clearly and they give a crisp unadulterated sound. Durability I have had them for about a month or so, so i cannot speak to the long term durability but they seem pretty darn stable to me.

Flushing, NY


Best Headphones for the Price!


First let me start by saying that these are the 3rd pair of headphones I have purchased from Sennheiser. The quality of sound produced by these headphones is very impressive for the price. Furthermore, these cables are asymmetric so you can hang these around your neck when you dont have them in your ear. This makes them very helpful when youre in the gym or walking somewhere and not using them as it can be a constant pain to put them in your pocket and for them to be tangled up when you pull them back out. Furthermore, the customer service provided by Sennheiser is exceptional. Whenever I have a problem with my headphones, I can easily contact the customer service deparment and they tend to send me a reply within 24 hours. These headphones come with fittings for those with bigger or smaller ear canals along with a pouch which has not provided me with much use. Overall these headphones are professional quality at an affordable price.

Blacksburg, VA


Best earbuds, better than some cans.


I have bought these CX300 over a year ago, and they're still going strong. Though they seems a bit flimsy sometimes, the quality of these earbuds in astonishing. It is a good entry purchase for those who want to listen to music with a good set of earbuds. It is a bit different than most earbuds as it has uneven lengths for different sides of the ear. Though a bit annoying, I find it relatively useful to use considering that it hooks around your neck, rather than drooping down as you would use them for exercise or hearing on the computer. The quality of sound is really good. I find these beating several cans that I consider okayish. These continue to be the standard I hold future purchases of any set of cans when purchasing it. They must at least have this quality of sound. A forewarning when purchasing these: there are a lot of knockoffs that try to imitate this brand. Yes, these are so good that people are creating knockoffs that try to pretend that they're CX300 but they're not. Search on the web to see how to determine if the CX300 are really from Sennheiser.

Danville, CA


Sennheiser CX 300 have a pretty good sound, but don't last long.


I was amazed when i got these Sennheiser CX 300. They fit perfectly into my ears and also had different bud-sizes, to change. Also the sound was awesome. But after pretty much 1 year one of the plugs broke. I was sitting on the train, was listening to my ipod and suddenly one of the plugs didn't give any more sound. The quality is good, but it is not worth to buy them for that price, when they bread so fast! Sennheiser needs to change something about the wires and the product would be awesome.

New York, NY


Sennheiser Earbuds In-Ear Headphones

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